Grizzly 2017 - Pearl's a Stinger

The 30th Anniversary race!

Grizzly at 10:30 on Sunday 12th March, Grizfest races from 14:15 on Saturday 11th March.

Held under ARC rules (permit TBA).

Please do not train on any private land used by the Grizzly unless you have permission to do so.

Details of 2017's race, including entry procedure

Please read this whole section if you want to enter since it contains important information

Grizfest entries will open after the ballot has been drawn.

Grizzly/Cub race day will be Sunday 12 March.

Due to the continued popularity of the race, an entry ballot is once again being used with payment required on registration and refunded if you're not successful. Registration for the ballot is now open and will CLOSE at 20.00 on Friday 9 September. The draw will be made in the following week and all runners notified of their outcome by Friday 16 September at the very latest. Unsuccessful entries should be refunded by the end of the month.

The course will be almost identical to 2016's – starting on Seaton seafront, a bit under 20 miles (9 miles for the Cub run), tough, hilly, some cliff paths with drops to the side, both mud and water potentially up to waist deep but nearly a third tarmac.

This is a running race with enforced shortcuts and time cutoffs. If you've not done it before then we suggest that you read the race info page so you know what you're letting yourself in for.








£28 affiliated
£30 unaffiliated


Technical t-shirts

Cub Run


£18 affiliated
£20 unaffiliated


Technical t-shirts

Note that "affiliated" means being a member of a club which is affiliated to either the Association of Running Clubs or to England Athletics (or their other home country equivalents). You do not need to have a competition license.

The Cub Run is intended for less able runners, who may find the full Grizzly a bit too challenging. Please ensure that you fully read the rules regarding time cutoffs before assessing your abilities and deciding which race to enter.

Entry procedure

  • You must first read the race rules.
  • Remember that this is for entry into the ballot. There is no guarantee that you will get a place and unsuccessful entrants will be refunded via the payment method used to enter.
  • All runners entered in a single transaction with Full on Sport (i.e. one checkout) will be drawn from the ballot together. If any size “group” does not want "all or none" (i.e. if one gets in then they all get in, but the group only has one chance of being drawn) then they need to enter separately (i.e. separate checkouts).
  • Complete details are required - any incomplete submissions will be rejected from the ballot, together with anyone else entered in the same transaction.
  • Cheques must have cleared before a runner is considered to have entered the ballot so allow plenty of time if you pay this way (our treasurer will only bank cheques once a week). Receipt of cheques will be acknowledged.
  • Both copies of any duplicate entries will be rejected from the ballot, together with anyone else entered in the same transactions.
  • Any under-age entries will be rejected, together with anyone else entered in the same transaction.
  • If you discover a mistake then do not submit another entry but contact us instead.
  • You can only enter either Grizzly or Cub - contact us if you make a mistake and want to switch.
  • You will get confirmation from Full on Sport or us, depending upon how you entered the ballot. If you don't receive a mail (check your junk mail!) then you may have made a mistake with your address or your entry may have failed, so contact us. We suggest that you keep the mail until you are notified of the ballot outcome in case of any queries.
  • Three methods of entry are available. The fully-online option is easiest for us but some people have previously had trouble or asked for other methods.
    1. Pay by card and enter online at Full On Sport. Note that:
        • You will need to enable Javascript for and if you're running a script blocker. (It should work fine if that means nothing to you.)
        • You will need to register on their site before entry (and will already have done so if you entered online last year but make sure your details are correct).
    2. Pay by cheque after completing this online form if you really don't want to pay online by card. Note the point above about cheques. The address for cheques is on the entry form.
    3. Pay by cheque after completing this spreadsheet for large groups of ten or more. Note the points above about runners entered together, full details and cheques. The address for cheques is in the spreadsheet.

Our policy on places, transfers, refunds, deferrals etc. is specified in the Policy tab, so please don’t ask about it.

2017 race film

As part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations, we will be producing a film of the 2017 Grizzly race which will be available for purchase by runners. As a taster of what to expect, below is a link to a short teaser for the 2012 race, the last time that a film of the race was produced. Further details on how to purchase a copy of the 2017 race film will follow.

What it's all about

Twentyish muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy miles of the multiest-terrain running experience you will find this side of the end of time. It's by no means the toughest race around (honestly!), has changed over the years and nearly died on a few occasions, but hundreds of you keep coming back for more so we must still be getting it right. Whatever it isn't, it is an experience.

I have run in a few races but have never been in a race that manages to create physical challenge whilst taking a sideways glance at running, allowing all involved to emerge with a crooked grin on their face! - A Grizzly runner.

All it takes is all you've got.

Marc Davis