Grizzly 2019 – Trails of the Unexpected

Grizzly at 10:30 on Sunday 10th March, Grizfest races from 14:15 on Saturday 9th March

Held under ARC rules (permit number ARC 19/079).

Race information summary

Please read this summary Race Info which contains important information to help the event go smoothly and for you to enjoy it.  A summary of the really important stuff is listed below for your convenience. The full race information will be made available a few weeks before the race so please ensure that you come back to read this once it becomes available.

Please DO

  • Only run it if you are physically and medically fit. There are shortcuts and cut-off points (which will be enforced by the marshals) so you are expected to run a certain amount
  • Dress for the occasion - Grizzly weather varies from very warm to bitterly cold and wet. Wear shoes with good grip as it will be slippery
  • Let us know if you've obtained someone else's number or if you want to change race, ideally using the Change of Runner form at before race weekend 
  • Complete the reverse of your race number with emergency contact info and any medical details
  • Wear your race number on the front of your shirt and have it visible at the finish (or you’ll cause problems for the timekeepers)
  • Obey marshals and back markers at all times, especially if told to shortcut or even withdraw
  • Note that by entering and participating in the Grizzly, you agree to be photographed and/or videoed by official race cameramen. If you do not wish to be photographed or videoed, please contact the Race Director at least one week in advance of the event

Please DON’T

  • Park in supermarket car parks other than in allocated spaces
  • Use any private part of the Grizzly course at other times
  • Wee in front of members of the public - available toilets at start and en route
  • Drop litter, especially gel sachets - all marshals have carrier bags so give it to them (drink cups within the water station area is acceptable)
  • Run with dogs or walking poles – anyone doing so will be disqualified from the race and may be banned from participating in future years
  • You will not hold the promoters, organisers or other persons associated with the event responsible for any loss or injury incurred as a result of your participation in, or travel to or from, the event


  • Fees - these have been kept the same as last year. Grizzly £30 for unaffiliated runners, £28 for affiliated. Cub £20 for unaffiliated, £18 for affiliated
  • The Course – further details about the course have now been posted separately under Race Info on this website. As in previous years, the full Grizzly will be twentyish muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy miles of the multiest-terrain running experience you will find this side of the end of time; the Cub is around 9 miles of the same. The route for both races will take you from Seaton seafront, out to Beer, onto Branscombe and surrounding areas, and back again
  • IMPORTANT - PARKING MAY AGAIN BE A PROBLEM THIS YEAR. Parking marshals will be on hand to direct you to available parking areas. We strongly recommend that you arrive early, as it may take a time to get parked and get to the start. Please share a car if you can
  • Start Time - Grizzly and Cub start together at 10.30 on Seaton Esplanade
  • Race HQ - will again be at Seaton Town Hall (also known as The Gateway) on Saturday/Sunday. The info desk is here for race number issues/changes etc (no changes after 10.00 on race day). Junior/Fun Run entries will be at the Hook & Parrot on the Esplanade on Saturday. There is also Grizzly merchandise for sale and a retail shop at Race HQ
  • Baggage - storage will be at Race HQ
  • Cub Split - is at Branscombe Mouth beach - you can switch from Grizzly to Cub here if you don't think you can complete the full run (ensure race number is marked by the marshal)
  • Dropping Out – hopefully you won’t get ill or injured, but if you do need to drop out, contact the nearest marshal. If you are able, make your way to the nearest runner pick-up point or water station (as directed by the marshals) where return arrangements can be organised
  • Trophies – Will be awarded to the first 3 male and female finishers in both the Grizzly and the Cub, as they finish or soon after (ie there is no formal awards ceremony). There are no medals handed out for completing either run
  • Photos – Official photography will again be provided by Photo-Fit.Net

Technical race t-shirts – runners who complete either race will receive a technical race t-shirt. The size of t-shirt was selected when you completed and submitted your ballot entry form, and cannot be subsequently changed (even if a new runner takes over a race number from another runner). 

Change of runners

If for any reason you are unable to take part in the Grizzly or Cub, we allow you to pass your place to another runner. You must find a replacement yourself and complete the form at the link below.

This form can be used if you want to change from the Grizzly to the Cub or vice versa.  

Please note there are NO deferrals.  

Grizzly 2018 race photos - Christmas order deadline

Epic snow Grizzly 2018 photos still available at

Please order any print orders to be sent in post before the Christmas 14th December deadline.

(Downloads arrive by email as soon as payment received).

Payment of refunds

Please note that refunds of race entry fees to all runners who were unsuccessful in the ballot have now been paid to the card used when the entry fee was paid. Please contact race organisers if you have still not yet received your refund.

Grizzly and Cub 2019 ballot results

The Grizzly and Cub ballot for 2019 has now taken place and all emails confirming places have been sent. If you have not received an email please check your junk box before emailing us.

If you were unsuccessful, we can understand you will be disappointed but you will appreciate that places are in high demand but limited due to the nature of the terrain, the parking within the town and the additional services necessary to run this race. Race entry fees for unsuccessful entries will be refunded by the end of October.

If you have previously subscribed to receive general email updates about the Grizzly, the next updates are not expected to be sent until after the 2019 race. If you are not on the distribution list and wish to receive updates after the 2019 event then please email

Brief details of 2019 race

Please do not train on any private land used by the Grizzly unless you have permission to do so.

Grizfest entries will open after the ballot has been drawn.

Grizzly/Cub race day will be Sunday 10 March.

Details of the course for this year’s race will be provided in due course. The race will again start on Seaton seafront, a bit under 20 miles (9 miles for the Cub run), tough, hilly, some cliff paths with drops to the side, both mud and water potentially up to waist deep but nearly a third tarmac.

This is a running race with enforced shortcuts and time cutoffs. If you've not done it before then we suggest that you read the race info page so you know what you're letting yourself in for.








£28 affiliated
£30 unaffiliated


Technical t-shirts

Cub Run


£18 affiliated
£20 unaffiliated


Technical t-shirts

Note that "affiliated" means being a member of a club which is affiliated to either the Association of Running Clubs or to England Athletics (or their other home country equivalents). You do not need to have a competition license.

The Cub Run is intended for less able runners, who may find the full Grizzly a bit too challenging. Please ensure that you fully read the rules regarding time cutoffs before assessing your abilities and deciding which race to enter.

Our policy on places, transfers, refunds, deferrals etc. is specified in the Policy tab, so please don’t ask about it.

Race name and email distribution list

Yes, we have a name for the 2019 race: Trails of the Unexpected! Thank you very much to AVR member Tony Wood for the excellent suggestion.

Here's a reminder that if you are not currently on the Grizzly email distribution list but wish to receive email updates about the race going forward, then please send an email to from the email address that you would like to be included on the list.

The Grizzly is organised by a group of volunteer members of Axe Valley Runners, with any surplus proceeds being donated to various charities each year. Since the first running of the Grizzly in 1988, more than £394k has been donated to local and international charities.

Grizzly email distribution list

As part of the new GDPR privacy regulations, we have to ask for your confirmation to be included on the Grizzly distribution list and receive general information and updates about the Grizzly and Cub races via email after 25th May 2018. If you would like to be included on this list, then please send an email to from the email address that you would like to be included on the list. You will then receive a welcome email although this may take a few days to be processed and sent to you (please also check your junk folder). 

Please note that the Grizzly privacy policy can be found at

For all Grizzly GDPR and privacy queries, please send an email to

To unsubscribe from the list at any time, please send an email to

What it's all about

Twentyish muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy miles of the multiest-terrain running experience you will find this side of the end of time. It's by no means the toughest race around (honestly!), has changed over the years and nearly died on a few occasions, but hundreds of you keep coming back for more so we must still be getting it right. Whatever it isn't, it is an experience.

I have run in a few races but have never been in a race that manages to create physical challenge whilst taking a sideways glance at running, allowing all involved to emerge with a crooked grin on their face! - A Grizzly runner.

All it takes is all you've got.

Marc Davis