2019 Grizzly: Trails of the Unexpected    Race date Sunday 10th March

Held under ARC rules (permit number TBC).

Yes, we have a name for the 2019 race: Trails of the Unexpected! Thank you very much to AVR member Tony Wood for the excellent suggestion.

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The Grizzly is organised by a group of volunteer members of Axe Valley Runners, with any surplus proceeds being donated to various charities each year. Since the first running of the Grizzly in 1988, more than £394k has been donated to local and international charities.

Opening and closing of Grizzly ballot

Registration for the ballot for entry to the 2019 Grizzly/Cub races will open at 10 am on Friday 31 August and close at 8 pm on Friday 21 September. We hope to announce the ballot results by Friday 5 October.

Any runner who had a place in the 2018 race as at 11am on Saturday 17 March 2018 will receive a guaranteed entry in the 2019 race (a reminder that this place must be paid for). However you must still enter the ballot and pay for your place in the usual way.

Further details of the entry process will be published shortly on this website and on the official Facebook page www.facebook.com/Grizzly2019/

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Some local accommodation options

What it's all about

Twentyish muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy miles of the multiest-terrain running experience you will find this side of the end of time. It's by no means the toughest race around (honestly!), has changed over the years and nearly died on a few occasions, but hundreds of you keep coming back for more so we must still be getting it right. Whatever it isn't, it is an experience.

I have run in a few races but have never been in a race that manages to create physical challenge whilst taking a sideways glance at running, allowing all involved to emerge with a crooked grin on their face! - A Grizzly runner.

All it takes is all you've got.

Marc Davis