Grizzly name and brief history

John Barrington Rowe (JBR) was the instigator of the Grizzly name. We were out running with him one evening and we said we were thinking of starting a "little" cross-country run for local clubs, based on the Hash House Harriers model. From little acorns ....... !!.

We needed a fearsome name for it and, as he worked at the Lyme Regis Foods company's little factory in Colyton making Grizzly Bars, he suggested that name. Little did we know at the time that the title would stick.

For the first runs, with up to 1000 competitors, Lyme Regis Foods sponsored the run and every finishing runner got a free energy bar. I used to test them out on the various flavours on my staff at the UK Hydrograhic Dept.

Dave Kelf

Donations and t-shirt colours

With charitable donations and t-shirt colours as far as we can recall. (Many people seem to identify each year's race by the shirt rather than the name!). All results we have are also linked but please let us know if you have any of the missing ones.

Distances are manually-mapped miles (not GPS to be relatively-consistent for the early years before consumer GPS was accurate enough). We don't have a record of many early years' routes.

Year Donations Shirt colour Dist Name Results
1988 ? None Suicide Six Grizzly 
1989 ? None Torment Ten
1990 ? Dark blue? 11.0 Grizzly 12 Grizzly 
1991 ? Green Hillocks and Rowlocks
1992 ? Sky blue Eye of the Storm Grizzly  -  Cub
1993 ? White Sting of the Butterfly Grizzly  -  Cub
1994 ? Light grey 14.1 Magical Memory Jog Grizzly  -  Cub
1995 ? Dark blue 17.3 The Nightmare Returns Grizzly  -  Cub
1996 ? Yellow Revenge of the Lemmings Grizzly  -  Cub
1997  £1K  Royal blue Apocalypse, Yes! Grizzly 
1998  £3K  Grey Flight of Fancy Grizzly  -  Cub
1999  £4K  Black Insanity and In Health Grizzly  -  Cub
2000  £9K  Dark maroon Another Brick in the Wall Grizzly  -  Cub
2001  £9K  Tan 18.1 A Race Oddity Grizzly  -  Cub
2002  £9K  Yellow The Joker in the Pack Grizzly  -  Cub
2003  £9K  Purple The Jurassic Jaunt Grizzly  -  Cub
2004  £15K  Dark blue 15.9 Infinity and Beyond Grizzly  -  Cub
2005  £17K  Off white One Thousand Steps For Mankind Grizzly  -  Cub
2006  £18K  Red O'Limpiyak Dilemma Grizzly  -  Cub
2007  £23K  Light green 18.5 Armageddon NowHere Grizzly  -  Cub
2008  £15K  Dark green 18.8 Armageddon Again Grizzly  -  Cub
2009  £29K  Black 18.9 Trails And Tribulations Grizzly  -  Cub
2010  £18K  Pink 19.5 Beauty and the Beach Grizzly  -  Cub
2011  £22K  Tan 20.2 Valley of the Bogs Grizzly  -  Cub
2012  £42K  Royal blue 20.3 Every Hill Has A Silver Lining Grizzly  -  Cub
2013  £30K  Orange 20.2 Grime And Punishment Grizzly  -  Cub
2014  £32K  Sky blue 19.5 Withering Heights Grizzly  -  Cub
2015  £33K Lilac

Dash To Delirium

Grizzly  -  Cub

2016  £30K Lime Green

Grin and Bear It

Grizzly  -  Cub

2017 £29K Grey

Pearl's A Stinger

Grizzly  -  Cub

2018 £30K Black


May The Course Be With You


2019 £31K Red


Trails Of The Unexpected

> £425K 

Grand total

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