Grizzly 2018 - May the Course be with You! Date: Sunday 18th March

Held under ARC rules (permit ARC 18/043).

Update at 11.00pm

Thank you so much for your positive comments and understanding today.

You will appreciate we are very busy dealing with the route rearrangements so apologies that we cannot answer all your emails and queries.

Once again, please adhere to local travel advice before travelling to Seaton.

Some FAQs that may help:

The priority place for next year is NOT a free place. As you will understand we have still had to pay all the upfront costs for this year. The event is organised and made possible by volunteers with all proceeds going to charity. Further details will follow once we have time to discuss and agree the process.

The revised Cub route will not include the Stairway to Heaven and will be approx 10.5m. There will be a shortcut available that avoids the water and Branscombe beach that makes the route approx 9.2m. The start is at 10.30am and you can decide whether to shortcut once at Branscombe Mouth. All runners will have to go over a stile.

By putting the Cub on those that have travelled and those locally that want to run can take part in an event, albeit shorter.

The difference between running the Cub and the full Grizzly in terms of safety relates to the difficult terrain beyond Branscombe and its inaccessibility for support and communication teams. In addition the length of time that marshals and runners would be out in below freezing temperatures.

All finishers on the day will receive a T shirt. We will review after tomorrow how to deal with any remaining T shirts. Please be patient as the Committee will have a busy day tomorrow on top of an exhausting few days.


After careful consideration of the current and forecasted adverse weather conditions and discussions with those providing our essential safety services we have taken the difficult decision that there will be NO full (20m) Grizzly run tomorrow.  There will however be a modified (10m) CUB route tomorrow and all runners will be able to take part in the CUB route.  This decision has not been taken lightly but we have the safety and wellbeing of our runners, spectators and marshals as our prime consideration.

 If you have not yet travelled, please consider your local travel advice before travelling. 

 Anyone who is in the entry list as at 11am this morning for the Grizzly and Cub this year will be entitled to a priority place prior to the ballot next year.

 If you have recently downgraded to the Cub from the full Grizzly you do not need to change your number.

 A further review of the overnight weather conditions will be made early tomorrow but we will only communicate again if we are unable to hold any event. 

 We hope you will support us in this decision and still enjoy your run tomorrow.

Change of change of race/change of runner

If you are taking someone else's number then you must register this at Race HQ Info Desk (upstairs in the Town Hall) between 08.30 and 10.00 on Sunday morning. Similarly, if you have lost your number or haven't received it from someone else (a small fee will apply in both cases).

Latest weather forecast for Grizzly weekend

Well, Grizzly weekend is almost upon us and if you have been following the weather forecast, you’ll be aware that it’s looking chilly for race day. The Met Office currently has light snow forecast until early afternoon on race day, with a temperature of around zero and a wind chill of -5 to -7.

Please obviously be prepared for some tough weather and course conditions (especially given the overnight rain that we have had). Bring layers, plenty of food and drink and wear appropriate footwear. A useful guide as to kit requirements can be found in the rules for the fell running association ( – the Grizzly isn’t bound by these rules but they are a useful guide for what to wear and bring along with you for a multi-terrain endurance race such as this.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you over the weekend.

Grizfest races

Entry form for the Saturday afternoon Grizfest childrens' races is here

Grizzly and Cub race numbers

All Grizzly and Cub race numbers have now been mailed so please contact Tony Smith if you haven't received yours. Please could all runners complete their personal and emergency contact details on the reverse of the race number. 

Each number has a letter written on the front of the number - this is a code to be used for handing out t-shirts so please don't amend this letter and don't worry if you can't work out what it stands for.

There is also a foam strip on the back of each race number - this covers your electronic timing chip so please don't tamper with this.

The numbering sequence for the Grizzly is different to the Cub so if you decide to change race, then you will have to return your number to be replaced. Please continue to use the change of runner form below to notify us about any change of runner or a change of race.

New course map

The route for the full Grizzly has changed this year and a hand drawn map can be found below, as well as a more detailed map showing elevations etc. Please note that no access is allowed to any privately owned sections of the route at any time before or after race day.

Some local accommodation options

Refunds for unsuccessful runners

Refunds for runners who were unsuccessful in the ballot have now been processed and should be with you within the next few days. Please remember to check the card that you used to pay for your entry; if you paid by cheque, then a cheque will be sent to you. Please contact us if you still haven't received your refund by the end of October.

The ballot has now closed

Ballot result emails will be sent to runners by Friday 13th October at the latest - please remember to check your email junk folders if you haven't received an email by that date. Unsuccessful entrants will be refunded to the card that they used to enter the ballot by the end of October at the latest. 

Technical race T-shirt policy

Please note that this year the t-shirt size that runners select on their entry form will be the t-shirt size that they receive on race day. No changes to your selected size will be permitted or arranged by the race organisers. Please note that both men's and women's t-shirt sizes are available this year. 

What it's all about

Twentyish muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy miles of the multiest-terrain running experience you will find this side of the end of time. It's by no means the toughest race around (honestly!), has changed over the years and nearly died on a few occasions, but hundreds of you keep coming back for more so we must still be getting it right. Whatever it isn't, it is an experience.

I have run in a few races but have never been in a race that manages to create physical challenge whilst taking a sideways glance at running, allowing all involved to emerge with a crooked grin on their face! - A Grizzly runner.

All it takes is all you've got.

Marc Davis