Weekly media reports

Note that the "year" starts in November so these can be used as a reminder when nominating recipients for awards presented at the Christmas dinner.

13th March

Seaton on Grizfest Saturday featured an outstanding afternoon of running by the children and youth of Seaton, Devon and other corners of Britain setting the scene and challenge for their elders on Sunday.  At the starting line for the Fun Run were 314, mainly primary school children of all ages, with Seaton Primary School driving strong support for the event. First home was AVR’s Sam Eyre covering the 2k in a mere 8 minutes. Esme Huntley of Charmouth Primary crossed the line as first girl. The Fun Run goes from strength to strength from the 88 starters this year. The Junior Grizzly, a 4k race, featured 47 runners and was won by last years champion Thomas Rehal of Blackwater Junior Tri Club. AVR’s Caitlin Smith finished as first girl. Many thanks to all the helpers and parents who generated a great atmosphere.

A very tough race that made you tingle; that’s the verdict on the nearly 20 mile 30th Grizzly subtitled “Pearls a Stinger” and there was great celebration for host club AVR when 18 year old Jake Smith powered home to win in 2:20:06, the first time AVR have ever won it. At Branscombe mouth on the way out Jake was 2nd, but on returning to that point had built a substantial lead which he held onto until the finish. You knew you were in for a gloopy time when running down the hill into Branscombe the normally benign hill was just a sea of mud and so it proved with both bogs delightfully sloppy and the rest of the route almost as bad. As usual there were plenty of runners tying ribbons on a specially constructed memorial on Branscombe beach with a pause to remember special people in their lives no longer with us. Wayne Loveridge of Chard RR was 2nd, 2:24:51 and Arran Tocknell from Torbay AAC 3rd, 2:25:47. Elizabeth Dyson of Haldon Trail Runners was the ladies winner, 8th overall in a superb 2:32:23 with Mary Menon of Ilfracombe RC 2nd lady, 25th overall, 2:43:56 and Tamar Trotters Rebecca Ezra 3rd lady 48th overall, 2:51:21. There were 1,555 finishers in the Grizzly and the rest of the AVR results were: Tim Lenton 7th, 2:30:02; Patrick Devine-Wright 8th, 2:31:13, Terry Emmett 34th, 2:45:58; James Green 46th, 2:50:23; Laurence Edgeley 81st, 2:58:02; Matthew Hewer 86th, 2:58:52; Rupert Pady 98th, 2:59:22; Karl Hodson 140th, 3:06:17; Clare Hansford 160th, 3:09:49; Murat James Guler 214th, 3:17:10; Patrick Kinsella 245th, 3:19:32; Eleanor Wood 305th, 3:26:05; Simon Davey 373rd, 3:30:57; Richard Hyde 375th, 3:32:04; Frances Hodson 392nd, 3:33:25; Karen Eyre 451st, 3:37:33; Steve Reynolds 463rd, 3:38:06; Steve Haines 466th, 3:38:44; Geoff Woodward 471st, 3:39:20; Lizzie Fontes 499th, 3:40:53; Ian Clements 544th, 3:44:44; Kelly Stamp 556th, 3:45:53; Stephen Grigg 561st, 3:45:48; Mike Clark 570th, 3:46:37; Steven Maclure 691st, 3:57:33; Pippa Wyatt 697th, 3:57:37; Chris Hill 731st, 4:00:25; Tim Sibley 747th, 4:00:24; Alan Morbey 750th, 4:01:52; John Larcombe 835th, 4:08:45; Paul Johns 859th, 4:10:35; Simon Roberts 871st, 4:10:52; Rebecca Green 872nd, 4:10:54; Chris Boyd 907th, 4:13:41; Andy Goodman 949th, 4:16:30; Ragnhild Kordt Richards 986th, 4:16:46; James Sibley 1,062nd, 4:24:18; Darren Samways 1,069th, 4:25:40; Tracey Anning-Beckett 1,075th, 4:25:18; Angela Kerr 1,142nd, 4:33:37; Canny Hart 1,151st, 4:34:46; Yvette Hill 1,200th, 4:40:13; Gillian Peach  4:40:29; Mark Spraggs 1,216th, 4:42:07; Andrew Smart 1,253rd, 4:46:23; Martin Kerr 1,325th, 4:53:09; Anders Larsson 1,340th, 4:56:23; Carol Goddard 1,345th, 4:58:09; Lynn Sloman 1,347th, 4:58:57; Laura Kerr 1,352nd, 5:00:00; Natalie Sanchez 1,370th, 5:01:28; Jessica Chadwick 1,391st, 5:03:31; Suzannah Eul-Brown 1,399th, 5:05:02; Emma Ellynn 1,416th, 5:09:13; Stephen Morbey 1,428th, 5:09:24; Amie Sibley 1,446th, 5:14:22; Robert Kerr 1,451st, 5:16:49; Justin Sloman 1,479th, 5:27:01

Haldon Trail Runners James Denne was the just under 10 mile Cub Run winner in 59:38 with AVR’s Ollie Caute 2nd, 1:06:25 and Billy Fadden of Bedford Harriers 3rd, 1:06:49. Even more AVR celebration with Flo Swann the first lady home, 8th overall, 1:11:40. Stephanie Knott of Swindon Striders was 2nd lady, 12th overall, 1:14:28 and Gemma Collier of Haldon Trail Runners 3rd, 13 overall, 1:15:04. There were 504 finishers in the Cub. Other AVR results were: Simon Gould 20th, 1:18:38; Chris Keeffe 26th, 1:21:51; Jonathan Day 30th, 1:22:36; Alex Boon 54th, 1:29:39; Sue Hayes 65th, 1:33:20; Andrew Hartnell 95th, 1:37:42; Peter Knox 125th, 1:40:59; Rachel Grant 126th, 1:40:59; Henry Smith 139th, 1:41:44; Sarah Herfet 180th, 1:46:54; Fiona Pyle 227th, 1:54:55; Susan Wall 228th, 1:54:18; Nick Adams 235th, 1:53:44; Teresa Coates 242nd, 1:54:44; John Mellodew 254th, 1:55:20; David Mutter in his first event with a total knee replacement 266th, 1:57:10; Janet Cullum 277th, 1:59:08; Lesley Adams 278th, 1:59:08; Mark Harding-Perrott 301st, 1:59:46; Ian Hemmens 320th, 2:03:50; Hayley Eate 321st, 2:03:52; Amy Catley 323rd, 2:03:48; Emma Grigg 324th, 2:05:38;  ran the Cub plus  Michelle Atkins Suzy Eul-Brown and Laura Kerr who ran the Grizzly to raise money to help install some flood lit remote controlled lights at Seaton cricket pitch will then be the Devon Air Ambulance Community night time landing site! In total £4000 is needed and they’ve raised nearly a £1000 with some big donations still to come from a couple of local businesses to be added to this total too. Alison Gould was 322nd, 2:03:53; Gill Day 363rd, 2:10:18; Janet Woodward 364th, 2:10:18; Emma Richardson 376th, 2:09:53; Robin Jones 385th, 2:10:27; Debbie Barry 417th, 2:17:01; Sammy Barry 418th, 2:17:04; James Ashforth 422nd, 2:18:00; Hannah Williams 434th, 2:23:54; John Claydon 445th, 2:27:02; Rachel Hiscock 446th, 2:27:46 in memory of her father - Colin Dalziel who died just before Christmas. She is raising money for the “British Lung Foundation” as they are researching a cure for Lung Fibrosis. Samantha Howse was 447th, 2:27:47 and Samantha Thomson 485th, 2:42:41.

New race director Tony Smith was very pleased with the way the whole day went and gives his grateful thanks to all who gave their time up freely. Thanks to our main Sponsors East Devon Sports Therapy and General Injury Clinic who helped on the day by massaging runners’ wobbly legs and also Scimitar Sportwear and Photo-fit.net. Thanks also to all who helped run this massive event, giving their time freely in a great act of community spirit. Of course, a special mention to all the landowners for allowing us to run over their often private land and finally a massive thanks to all spectators that thronged the course, encouraging the runners with gusto. Here’s to the 31st Grizzly next year!

Away from the Grizzly Emma Kiernan ran a 20 mile road race called Fission 20/20 in Gloucestershire. There is a 20k or 20mile option, the 20 mile option is two flat 10 mile loops. Emma came 64th overall out of 352 runners in 2:32:48

6th March

Kelly Stamp (2nd senior lady), Simon Gould (2nd MV50), Sue Venn (1st65+ lady) ran the Combe St Nicholas 10K. It was a hilly race in mostly sunny but blustery windy conditions before the heavens opened near the end of the race. This was Simon's 50th race, just after his 50th birthday so no doubt suitable 50th celebrations ensued.

Three Axe Valley Runners travelled to Cheddar on Sunday to run "The Big Cheese", a 15 mile, very muddy, very wet, very hilly off road race around the Mendip Hills, described by the organisers as "merciless".  After surviving buffeting winds, hail stones and heavy rain, Graham Newton was first AVR home in 2:22 to win a 1.5 kg wedge of cheese as first male vet
over 65.  Geoff Woodward and Steve Reynolds back after a long lay-off were not far behind, battling it out to the end as usual and finishing with Geoff 104th, 2:34:51 and Steve 106th, 2:34:56.

Simon Durrant was the winner of the latest Seaton parkrun in 19:22 with AVR's Matt Hewer 2nd, 19:32 just pipping Garry Perratt by 1 second. Ellie Dominey was the ladies winner, 7th overall in 20:02. There will be a parkrun next Saturday, Grizzly weekend.

27th February

Unsurprisingly, the Axminster winter 5K series record fell last week - Jake Smith turned up! He knocked a minute and a half off the previous best, winning in 16:52. A record 14 members ran (yes, it's very low key but all the better for it) with PBs from Chris Keeffe and Luke Reed, plus a near PB from Garry Perratt who finally put Matt Hewer in his rightful place - behind him! The last races in the Seaton and Axminster series will be next month, after which an off-road summer series will begin at Trinity Hill near Axminster. Speak to Garry, Chris or Matt if you're interested in taking part. Don't be shy - it's fun and very good training.

Laura Kerr ran the Escott 15k resolution run taking 1:36.

The 10 mile Dalwood 3 hills challenge proved a happy hunting ground for AVR with young Jake Smith winning in 1:10:14 followed by Ollie Caute 2nd, 1:11:17 and Roy Brown of Maverick Runners 3rd, 1:13:31. Other AVR times were Garry Perratt 1st M50, 7th overall, 1:16:31; Matt Hewer 13th, 1:20:46; Rupert Pady 14th, 1:21:08; Oliver Rodger 17th, 1:22:31; Clare Hansford 1st F50,  29th overall, 1:28:02; Karen Eyre 1st F45, 40th overall, 1:33:05; Tony Smith 45th, 1:34:08; Eleanor Wood 1st F 60, 50th overall, 1:36:24; James Ashforth 51st, 1:36:57; Steve Haines 1st M50,  54th overall, 1:38:38; Kelly Stamp 68th, 1:44:38; Pippa Wyatt 70th, 1:48:13; Andrew Hartnell 75th, 1:51:37; Andrew Sayers 1st M70, 77th overall, 1:53:37; Anders Larsson 79th, 1:53:51; Yvette Hill 91st, 2:05:31.

Caitlin Smith was the winner of the 3 hills mini challenge taking 25:52 with Samantha Miller 2nd, 33:43 and Madison Carter 6th, 38:45. AVR's Sam Hill was the victor in the 3 hills fun run in 8:44. Overall it was a cracking morning's run with those three hills as vicious as ever, but all made up for by the delicious bacon butties afterwards.

20th February

It was AVR's 1st & 2nd in this weeks Seaton parkrun, with Jake Smith, on the comeback trail from injury, winning in 17:06 and Terry Emmett 2nd, 18:38. Simon Durrant was 3rd, 18:56 and AVR's Flo Swan the first lady, 8th overall out of the 154 entrants in 20:39. Well done to one of the main organisers Lesley Adams who was able to run for the first time and finished 1st lady in her age group, 80th overall, 28:36.

Most of the AVR gang took part in an official Grizzly rehearsal run on Sunday, with different groups to suit each person's ability. With only 3 weeks to go to the March 12th race date this was an important test of training; it was also an animal rescue mission as during the run a group manged to free a sheep that had been entangled in a mass of brambles.

13th February

Maddie Carter was 1st home in the February Junior handicap taking 18:13, with Harry McMahon 2nd, 14:08, Sami Narayakkara 3rd, 14:13, Ethan Huntley 4th, 14:00 and Josh D'Albertanson 5th, 16:23. Harry McMahon leads the junior standings with 43 points followed by Rosie Kendall 38 with Harvey Burrough and Josh D'Albertanson both on 33. Kelly Stamp was the Senior handicap winner in 27:37 followed by David Cooke 28:41, Flo Swan 23:16, Matt Hewer 21:33, Alan Morbey 26:35 and Fran Hodson 27:20. Kelly Stamp leads the Senior standings with 44 points, David Cooke 41 and Matt Hewer 36.

Simon Gould finished the four Trigs in 3:26 after getting lost, again!

The 3 lap Exeter half marathon was a two day event with one race on Saturday and  the 2nd race on Sunday. Emma Kiernan ran on Saturday finishing 35th out of 191 runners in 1:29:19 (PB). In the Sunday race Angela Kerr came 111th, 1:57:40 and Martin Kerr 242nd, 2:22:45 out of 276 runners.

AVRs, Graham and Diane Newton along with their daughter Paula, ran the second Worthing half-marathon on Sunday.  They lined up for the start by Worthing Pier in bitterly cold winds, although the snow was kind enough to stop in time for the run. The course winds around the streets of the town but starts and finishes with long straight stretches along the sea front. They all finished very, very cold but happy with their performance.  Graham was first in, at 1:35:20, Paula was next in 2:07:47 and then Diane in 2:26:47.

Sunday was the running of The Humdinger, a hilly road half marathon that has over 1,000ft of climb. The race is organised by the Taunton based Running Forever club. This race is becoming more and more popular and this year both The Humdinger and The Hurtle sold out (The Hurtle is the shorter 5 mile version). The race itself was keenly contested and AVR had Terry Emmett and Matt Hewer in The Humdinger and Robin Britton in The Hurtle. The cold conditions and wind chill made conditions tough and choosing the right running gear and preparation was important. Matt managed to fail on both accounts! Terry, who came 4th last year improved on his time and finished 9th in 1:25:38. Matt was 16th place, 1:30:06 but he suffered the school boy error of not doing his laces up properly at the start and the brief stop after 1 mile and the poor wisdom of I'll warm up when I get going so I'll be ok in just a T Shirt probably cost him a sub 1.30 time. The shivering wreck in the changing rooms after the race probably indicated this also! Robin came home from 29th in 39:50. A great event and a hopefully it will be bigger again next year, and Matt will be better prepared - but don't rely on the last bit.

Honiton RC's Kevin Hawker was once again the victor of the Seaton parkrun, completing the 5K route in 17:48. He was followed bt SWRR Graham Reeves, 18:10 with Simon Durrant 3rd, 18:40. SWRR Ellie Dominey was the 1st lady, 7th overall in 20:01. It was celebration time at a cold and drizzly Gorleston Cliffs (near Gt. Yarmouth) parkrun where that old warhorse Dave Kelf came in 1st over 70, 213th overall in 35:11. Patrick Devine-Wright won the Killerton parkrun in 18:29 with Tim Lenton 4th, 19:13.

It was another great night for what was the penultimate round of the Seaton winter 5k series with many pbs and a few new runners. Matching the most participants to have taken part yet at 11 with hope for a few more in the final event the winner this month with a new course record was Ollie Caute in 16:39 followed by Jake Smith, 16:51 and Terry Emmett 3rd 18:13. Matt Hewer has achieved a pb at each event and came 4th in 18:28 with Garry Perratt 5th 18:37, Josh Hopson 6th 19:11, James Guler 7th 19:31, Karl Hodson 8th 20:35, Chris Keeffe 9th 20:57, Fran Hodson reset the female course record 10th,  23:16 and David Cooke 11th 23:46. There is 1 event left in the series which takes place on March 8th.

6th February

Ethan and John Day did their first Aquathon at Dawlish in the Novice Race of 12 lengths Swim followed by a 1.5 Mile run. It was very cold! Ethan had a brilliant Swim exiting the pool leaving John two lengths behind. Ethan eventually finished 2nd with John 3rd. Thanks to Exeter Tri Club for organising a great event and many thanks to Pure Endurance Triathletes for
being a Fantastic supportive Team.

David Cook ran in the South West Veterans' 6k run at Sidford and in wet and slippery conditions he was pleased to finish 35th in 33:43.

Kelly Stamp ran the Blackmore Vale half marathon at Sherborne and in her first attempt at the 13.1 mile distance was pleased to finish the hilly course in 1:48, 186th out of 369.

Ragnhild Richards completed the Tough Ten (miles) in 1:29:28 finishing 1st over 55 in his debut run for AVR.

On her 55th birthday, Carol Austin ran the Fulfords 5 in Exmouth finishing 2nd W55 and 113th overall in 38:36. The largely flat road run led to some very fast times with 239 finishers. It was well organised by Exmouth Harriers.

Anders Larsson and Pippa Wyatt ran in the Portland Half marathon which goes around the whole of Portland on the costal path. It started and finished at the sailing academy. Once we got to Portland Bill at mile 6 we had a head wind the whole way home which was hard going. It was a lovely route with lots of mud.  And Pippa finished 10th lady, 58th overall in 2:18:49 and Anders was 103rd, 2:41:48.

The annual Four Trigs run hosted by Sidmouth running club on Sunday resulted in a good day out for seven AVR runners. Winner of the race was AVR's Patrick Devine-Wright in 2:19. He was the lead runner for most of the race and was pleased to be five minutes faster than two years ago when he also won. Clare Hansford enjoyed her first ever Four Trigs blasting up the hills and through the sloppy terrain finishing first lady 13th overall in a super-fast time of 3:02. Clare thrives on hills, mud and beach so watch out Grizzly people! Fourth home was Tim Lenton in 2: 29 and fourth home for the girls in 37th place were Karen Ayre and Eleanor Wood in 3:29, running together and putting in some good training for the Grizzly. Steve Haines and Chris Hill were also running as a pair and were delighted with their time of 4:01 and 4:02 respectively in 69th and 70th places and would have broken the four-hour mark if Chris had not run slightly off piste. Chris was very happy to do such a fast time, thanks to his buddy's encouragement. All runners enjoyed a well earned pasty afterwards in the yacht club, although Clare and Patrick had a nice bottle of wine as prizes to wash theirs down with. Many thanks to Sidmouth Running club for yet again a well organised and beautiful run.

With all the bad weather leading into the weekend many parkruns around the county, including Seaton's were cancelled. However, Killerton's survived and 204 runners made it to the start line to slip and slide all over the National Trust run estate. AVR had two participants that came in one behind the other, Patrick Devine-Wright finished 6th in 19:25 and Matt Hewer followed taking 19:48.

While in Australia in January, AVRs Carol Austin and Lesley Adams took part in four parkruns each "down under".  There are hundreds of parkruns worldwide so anyone who has registered can run and take part in some parkrun tourism. Lesley was pleased and surprised to be first lady W60-64 home on all four occasions. Carol finished first in the W50-54 age group twice at the Rhodes parkrun, located in Sydney Olympic Park, in a grade of 76%. Up the coast at Fingal Bay she was 2nd woman home to another W50-54! At Cooks River the temperature hit 35 degrees even at 8am so a fast time for Brits was out of the question - even the locals struggled in that heat. Lesley and Carol were back volunteering in the cooler temperatures at Seaton this weekend.

30th January

Eleanor Wood was the only AVR runner to compete in the South West Veterans' 6k run at Sidford on Sunday. In wet and slippery conditions she was pleased to finish 3rd lady, 17th overall in 28:56. Thanks to Bill Valentine and his team for organising this event.

The Moonlight Flit, billed as Devon's darkest half marathon as the race starts at 5.30pm on the first night of the new moon, is a circular loop starting and finishing in Totnes. The route, mainly off road muddy trails with five big hills to ascend including the notorious Post Box Hill and a mucky bog to contend with near the end made for a tough run. The race was won by Rhys Goodhead in 1:33:55. AVR Graham Newton was very pleased to finish 24th in 2:06:01, winning the over 60 vet men category.

N1 Tri Club were the dominant force is this week's Seaton parkrun with Johnny Livingstone winning in 17:24 and Alan Livingstone 2nd, 18:02. AVR's Garry Perratt was 3rd, 19:20 and triathlete Phoebe Clark the 1st lady 8th overall in 20:20 out of the 137 runners.

One of the many wonderful things that parkrun offer is a network of organised 5k runs all around the country. Once you have registered then you can turn up with your barcode to any parkrun and get a time and position. Matt Hewer and James Ashforth were both down in Plymouth and both (not planned) took part in the Plym Valley parkrun run. It is very different to the Seaton Parkrun with a lot of mud, off road, and a couple of hills to contend with. 5k PB's where never going to challenged bearing in mind the conditions and both performed well in tricky conditions. Matt came in 4th in 20:17 and James 23rd, 23:21 out of a total of 201 participants.

23rd January

Pippa Wyatt, Lizzie Ricketts and Anders Larsson travelled to Bovington Camp for the 15k Dirty Devil Stampede. It was soft to heavy going throughout, with all three putting in solid performances and top half finishes. Pippa finished 81st out of 209 in 1:29:41, Anders 89th, 1:31:30 and Lizzie in 93rd, 1:.32:31.

Away from Seaton Patrick Devine-Wright was first across the line at the Killerton parkrun taking 18:03.

16th January

Three intrepid Axe Valley Runners set off late Saturday afternoon to experience their first night run in Haldon Forest. The Haldon Night Run is part of a series of Wild Night Runs organised by Ceri Rees & Ben Tisdall both regular South Devon Trail runners. With head torch batteries charged & hi viz gear on, Isla Hart (aged 5) was the first to compete taking part in the under 8's race which was an off road dash through the forest over a distance of 1k. This was Isla's first off road night race and despite struggling with a stitch she kept on running and finished a very commendable 10th place over all.

The children's races were followed by the seniors 5 and 10k races. Canny Hart & Gillian Peach accompanied by Albert Whippet, Canny's regular running buddy, took on the 10k challenge.  291 runners shivered on the start line due to dropping night time temperatures and chilly westerly winds, but soon warmed up when they set off, on mass, running deep into the forest & weaving their way stealthily through the darkness. The runners faced some challenging muddy conditions with a couple of very steep accents, but arrived back safely across the finish line in a time of 1:01 having negotiated the well marked course without tripping over or getting lost in the dark.

A technical glitch caused some confusion with finishing times, but preliminary results see Gillian Peach taking 2nd place in the 10k Female - Vet 50 category and Canny Hart finishing 7th in Female - Vet 40. All who ran agreed it was a fabulous night of running and are looking forward to their next Wild Night Running Challenge.

The 10 mile Oh My Obelisk at Dawlish race attracted four AVR's with Matt Hewer being the 1st AVR, 15th overall, Eleanor Wood completed in 1:41, Steve Haines 1:43 and Kelly Stamp 1:4.

Last Wednesday night was the 4th event of the rather excellent Seaton winter 5k series (this report is written by the organiser) Adam Hennessey from Honiton was this month's winner with a new course PB of 18:46. 1st AVR was Matt Hewer really returning to form 3rd, 19:08 followed by Garry Perratt 4th, 20:08; James Ashforth 5th, 21:15; Chris Keeffe 6th, 21:27 and Fran Hodson setting a fantastic female course record in 23:31. There are 2 more races left in the series on the 2nd Wednesday of February and March.

Fresh from his Axmouth Challenge win last week, Kevin Hawker powered around the Seaton parkrun course on Saturday to win in 18:20 with Graham Reeves of SWRR 2nd, 19:01 and Adam Hennessey of Honiton RC 3rd, 19:30. Ellie Dominey
was the ladies winner, 7th overall in 20:08. There were 163 participants with the last runner taking 47:02 for the 5K flat route.

9th January

Emma Kiernan ran the First Chance 10k in Exeter, a great flat 10k which attracted over 500 runners and Emma ran brilliantly to finish 76th in 40:32, just ahead of James Ashforth 89th, 41:44.

Conditions were perfect for Sunday's Axmouth Challenge, perfect temperature with enough mud to make things interesting. Four courses were on offer, all hilly and multi-terrain.

The 10-mile race was won by Beer boy Kevin Hawker of Honiton RC in 1:00:14. Luke Reed started steadily then gave it some welly just over halfway round, moving from 4th to finish 2nd in 1:01:10. Terry Emmett spent most of the race just behind Garry Perratt, losing ground on the climbs but gaining on the flats and descents; luckily for him, the race finished with a monster drop down Stepps Lane so he gave it some welly to storm past Garry and finish 3rd in 1:01:29 with Garry 4th (and first over-50) 4s later. Matt Hewer was 9th in 1:07:20, Mike Clark 18th 1:14:58, and Eleanor Wood 20th overall, 2nd lady and first over-50 in 1:15:52. The rest of the AVR results were Karen Eyre 21st 1:16:18, Margaret Pearce 34th 1:21:38, Lizzie Fontes 35th 1:21:47, Alan Morbey 37th 1:21:58, Stephen Morbey 40th 1:26:23, Pippa Wyatt 41st 1:26:24, Kelly Stamp 43th 1:27:04, Chris Hill 46th 1:28:52, Steve Maclure 47th 1:30:43, Yvette Hill 48th 1:34:17, Angela Kerr 51st 1:38:09, Martin Kerr 56th 1:43:56.

The 10-mile race was the first in this year's East Devon Community Race series which uses age- and gender-graded results to compare all runners together. Eleanor made a good start to her bid for a 5th consecutive overall win by taking Round 1 with Garry currently 3rd and Luke 6th.

Simon Davis was in excellent form, emphatically winning the 5-mile race in 35:45. Amy Greenhalgh was recovering from the Christmas lurgy so dropped down a distance, finishing second in 39:10. Canny Hart was 7th 54:48, Sam Miller 8th 55:01, Gillian Peach 9th 56:12, Laura Kerr 11th 1:00:28 and John Mellodew 13th 1:03:18.

Holly Eyre was first girl in the 3-mile race in 27:05, only just over a minute behind the first man.

AVR's Sam Eyre won the 1-mile race in 9:35. A plethora of Johnses(?!) followed with Stephen 3rd in 10:42, Michael 5th in 11:50 and Andrew 10th in 13:19.

Many AVRs helped with the race - Dave Mutter on entries, Garry Perratt results, Patrick Devine-Wright checking the course first thing then backmarking with Tony Smith, Dave Thomas and Mike Calvert. Thanks also go to the Axmouth village hall management committee for staging another excellent race.

19th December

On Sunday three AVRs travelled across to compete at the Wellington Monument 10k race. It starts by the pub in Hemyock and takes you up a pretty significant hill to loop around the monument and then back again. The weather was near perfect for running and all 3 runners performed well. Recently crowned AVR male runner of the year Terry Emmett finished in 3rd position. He improved on his time last year by approximately 1½ minutes to complete the course in 38:23. Luke Reed had a rare outing in a AVR's vest to finish 8th in 38:57, just under a minute quicker than last year. Matt Hewer came 20th in 41:32 and is starting to get back to where he was before injury temporarily stopped his running. The race had about 200 entries and finishers received a bottle of Sheppy's cider and at this time of year the traditional mulled wine and mince pie. Many thanks to Taunton AC for organising another great event.

There was double success for AVR at the Seaton Park Run which was won by young Charlie Kendall in 18:52 with Taunton AC’s Nick Daniels 2nd, 19:05 and David Purchase 3rd, 20:25. Eleanor Wood was the 1st lady home 12th overall in 21:38.

Meanwhile Patrick Devine-Wright was first across the line at the Killerton Park Run taking 17:59.

5th December

Blue skies and icy ground greeted the full entry of 243 runners for this year's Full Monty Cute race at Ham Hill Country Park in Somerset, organised superbly by Crewkerne Running Club. The pace at the front of the field was fast from the off, as the field twisted and turned its way around the top of Ham Hill. Unfortunately Matt Clist rolled his ankle early on, impeding his normally speedy footwork. Patrick Devine-Wright was first home of the AVRs finishing just over a minute behind the winner in 3rd place 1:10:32 followed by Matt 7th, 1:13:21 and Terry Emmet 10th, 1:15:40. Matt Hewer was pleased to be 23rd in 1:22:49. Clare Hansford running this race for the first time and thoroughly enjoying it, finished strongly in 56th spot as 6th female and 1st Vet 45 taking 1:29:30.  Graham Newton was running very well but unfortunately a few runners went off piste and he lost a lot of ground but was still amazingly quick finishing 2nd vet 65 62nd overall in 1:31:10. Eleanor Wood was again consistent in finishing  9th female and was 2nd Vet 55 74th home in 1:34:06. John Larcombe after a difficult year finished well to be 148th in 1:48:23. Collectively it was a very good day for the club, winning the first team prize made up of the top two male and female finishers, Patrick Devine-Wright, Matt Clist, Clare Hansford and Eleanor Wood. All in all, a great day out and highly recommended as they all clinked home with many bottles of wine and ham stone trophies.

Last Saturday's Seaton Park run was won by Rhys Goddard of Sittingbourne Harriers in 17:04, followed by AVR's Garry Perratt 2nd, 18:22 and Honiton RC's Adam Hennessey 3rd, 19:20. The Park Runs are not just about winners, but for anyone of any pace to enjoy and free to enter. The next event will as always be on Saturday at 9:00am at Seaton sea front. See www.parkrun.org.uk <http://www.parkrun.org.uk>  for more details.

28th November

A great turn out on Sunday saw 20 AVRs in action at the Bicton Blister, a hilly mostly off-road ten miler superbly organised by Exmouth Harriers.  AVR Jake Smith came home first in a remarkable time of 58:37. He had been neck and neck for much of the course with Grizzly winner, Ceri Rees but out sprinted him over the last few hundred metres to cross the line first and break the course record!

Thereafter the AVRs were 14th Terry Emmett, 1:05:36 and first m35, 24th Duncan Staddon 1:07:30, 59th Amy Greenhalgh 1:13:06, 76th Flo Swan 1:15:21 first F15-19, 82nd Mathew Hewer 1:16:23, 115th Clare Hansford 1:21:46, 130th Eleanor Wood 1:22:46 and first F55, 145th Karen Eyre 1:24:35, 161st Steve Haines 1:26:06, 166th Dave Thomas 1:26:29, 174th Margaret Pearce 1:27:49, 180th Alan Morbey 1:28:33, 213th Pippa  Wyatt 1:30:43, 227th Alex Boon
1:31:27, 248th Andy Sayers 1:33:16, 272th Chris Hill 1:37:09, 291st Anders Larsson 1:39:17, 338th Lizzie Ricketts 1:43:21, 345th Yvette Hill 1:43:42 and 418th Martin Kerr 1:56:52. AVR were delighted to have won many team prizes at the Blister which were 1st Senior Ladies Team, 1st Vet Ladies Team, 2nd Senior Men's Team and 3rd Senior Ladies Team. A great effort on a spectacular run.

A further six AVRs tackled the shorter Blister Lite, a 4.5 mile course, along with 100 runners from other clubs. Results were 27th Nick Adams 43:31, 28th Canny Hart 44:10, 38th Sam Miler 45:59, 77th Bec Davey 52:14, 82nd Robert Kerr 53:29, and 83rd Lesley Adams 53:31.

Seaton's third parkrun saw a massive 11 AVRs record personal bests over the 5k course! The first AVR home (second overall and first in his age group) was Garry Perratt in 18:25. Garry also recorded the highest age grade of 80.72%. Carol Austin was the first AVR woman home (also first in her age group) in 23:55 and in the fourth best age grade of 73.73%. There were 126 runners altogether of which 24 were AVR members. As ever, many thanks to all of the volunteer marshals many of whom were AVRs resting their legs before tackling the Bicton Blister the following day.

21st November

There were a fantastic 141 entrants for last Saturday's Seaton Park Run 5K with several new runners taking part and one of those runners, AVR's Jake Smith was the winner, blasting around in 16:10. Marcus Albano from CSSC Sports & Leisure was 2nd, 18:29 and Matthew Gauld 3rd, 19:18. There were 25 AVR's in total and special mention to Jonathan Day who ran for the 1st time since a lower back injury 6 months ago forced him to stop running, he was 141st in 24:05. Of course, the parkrun series is not just about the quick runners, it's there to get people active, so why not have a go yourself next week? See www.parkrun.org.uk/seaton for more info and how to enter.

14th November

Despite misty rain on Saturday morning, 23 AVR's took part in the first Seaton parkrun with another 18 AVR's volunteering (along with others) to make this inaugural event a tremendous success. In total 188 people ran with some coming from as far away as Surrey and Birmingham to take part. AVR Amy Greenhalgh was the first woman home in 19:39 with an age graded score of 77.01% Terry Emmett was third overall and first male AVR in 18:24 with an age graded score of 71.65%. However, honours for the overall best age graded score of 84.29% go to AVR Eleanor Wood who finished in 22:23 putting down a marker for us all to aim for! Congratulations to Lesley Adams and her team for getting these runs underway. This event will be run every Saturday at 9am - see www.parkrun.org.uk/seaton for more info and how to get involved running or helping.

Last Sunday, Carol Austin took part in her first race for a year following a long injury, completing the Conductive Education 10k in Birmingham in 47:31.

Last Wednesday saw the 2nd edition of the unofficial Seaton winter 5k series and a great night was had by all, including every runner who ran in the 1st event beating their time. 1st home was Terry Emmett setting a new course record of 17:53 followed by Luke Reed, 18:19, Garry Perratt 18.31, Josh Hopson 19:31, Matt Hewer 20:34, Richard Harvey from pure endurance 20:41 and James Ashforth 20:55.

Congratulations to Matt Thurgood for winning the November Junior AVR handicap in 13:40 with Sammie D'Albertanson 2nd, 18:13; Ethan Huntley 3rd, 13:27; Erin Ellis 4th, 16:33 and Josh D'Albertanson 5th, 15:46. Holly Eyre leads the Junior ranking with 138 points, Ethan Huntley 2nd, 131 and Peter Johns 3rd 128. Andy Sayers won the Senior handicap in 27:44 with Ian Clements 2nd, 26:25; Flo Swann 3rd, 22:51; Craig Tiley 4th, 29:54 and Alan Morbey 5th, 25:55. Alan Morbey leads the Senior rankings with 128 points with Angela Kerr 2nd, 116 and Tim Sibley 3rd, 114. All is now set for the final round in December.

7th November

Garry Perratt returned to racing at the Killerton Parkrun on Sunday, finishing the off-road, undulating 5K(ish) in 18:58, 10th overall and first M50.

The Teign valley was looking gorge-ous on Sunday morning, November 6th as runners from all over the county and beyond arrived at Castle Drogo for the annual 10 mile cross-country race. Bedecked in autumn colours, the course was in good condition with firm ground making for fast times. 11 Axe Valley Runners completed the course, with honours going to Jake Smith, who put in an exceptional performance to take victory and relegate Ceri Rees, a previous winner, to second place with a time of 58.44. With Patrick Devine-Wright and Matt Clist working well together to finish 7th and 8th with times of 1.05.52 and 1.06.26 respectively, the men also took the team prize, with Eleanor Wood putting in a great run to finish 5th female, first vet 55 in a time of 1.25.32 and Patrick Devine-Wright taking the first vet 45 prize. Other axe Valley performances were Terry Emmett 16th 1.10.18, Mike Clark 64th 1.22.14, Matt hewer 69th 1.23.11, Tim Sibley 75th 1.23.47, Steve Haines 119th 1.30.04, Kelly Stamp 181st 1.40.09, Anders Larsson 191st 1.42.37.

Elsewhere, Amy Greenhalgh was first lady in the 7.5 mile Gilly Hilly in Gillingham, coming in 12th overall in 50 minutes 32 seconds.