Sunday 29th October at 08:00 from the scout hut

Just under sprint distance: 4.4K run, 17.8K ride, 2.2K run. That's about 12% shorter than sprint distance but it would take lots of fiddly bits to make it bang on.

Low-key, hopefully chip timing if it's dry, otherwise time yourself.

Run: Up Scalwell Lane, right up Drover's Way, left along Harepath Road, left down Valley View, left up Scalwell Lane. Twice for the first run, once for the second.

Ride: Down Scalwell Lane, left down Valley View, right along Colyford Road, left down Underfleet, left along Harbour Road and continue out through Axmouth, left at Boshill Cross and continue through Colyford, left down Harepath Road, left down Valley View. First lap continue to bottom of Valley View and repeat, second lap left up Scalwell Lane back to the scout hut.

Let Garry know if you're interested - don't just turn up unannounced!

Previous results

2013-14 (different run route)