Actual Races!

Jon and Gill Day partook in the Honiton Sprint Triathlon which comprised of a 400m Swim, 20K Bike and a 5K Run. (The run this year was a bit short 2.7 miles not 3.10miles). This was their first Triathlon in nearly Two years due to Covid Restrictions and they both enjoyed getting back into competitive Triathlon racing. Jon finished 39th out of 107 competitors with a swim time of 9:37 mins, bike 37:32 and run 19:44. Gill was pleased with her 102nd place with a swim time of 12:51, bike time 49:39 and run 30:12. Many thanks to all the marshals and LM Events for taking over The Honiton Triathlon and keeping it going in these difficult times.

Cliff Marriott ran the Burrator 10K in 48:56 and was highly impressed with the scenic route which he described as “I might have still been in Devon but could have been Narnia”.