Role of Committee Chair

This can be shaped to suit the Chair’s skills and interests but as a minimum it should include –

  • identifying next steps for the development of the club and leading/promoting change where needed
  • chairing regular committee meetings and the AGM, agreeing agendas and draft minutes with club secretary
  • ensuring the club constitution is upheld and committee roles are covered
  • keeping in regular contact with club members, advising on developments, opportunities, difficulties etc etc
  • making decisions between committee meetings if needed
  • delegating tasks, motivating volunteers, answering questions (generally via email) from members, potential members, members of the public and other local groups
  • being the point of contact for England Athletics, ensuring club fees and individual fees are paid (in liaison with club treasurer), those members who wish are registered with EA, portal kept up to date, EA’s standards are considered annually, and club support is contacted if needed. Ensure club applies for and receives its London marathon place via EA.
  • ensuring club risk assessment is reviewed every autumn including safeguarding and welfare