Axmouth Challenge 1-miler 2018

Sunday 14th January

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
19:53Kai MartinSt Mary's RC Primary SchoolM90111
210:08Tom DouglassM9422
310:13Jaiden MartinSt Mary's RC Primary SchoolM78312
410:31Michael JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM712421
510:31Charlie VineBeer Primary SchoolM716531
610:45Reginald DarraghM72064
711:14Frederick McMahonAxe Valley RunnersM724752
811:17Niah BownExmouth HarriersF728111
911:18Ellis BownExmouth HarriersM532812
1011:23Joseph WeeksM93693
1111:36Frankie RemingtonAll Saints Primary SchoolM11401011
1211:41Yossie MaclureMusbury Primary SchoolM7441161
1311:59Daisy GreenhalghTaunton SchoolF748221
1412:12Andrew JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM7521273
1512:39Rafi MaclureMusbury Primary SchoolM5561322
1612:44Emily PepperF76033
1713:07Alfie Baker-PikeStockland Primary AcademyM7641481
1813:22Ella BondBeer Primary SchoolF768442
1914:08Crocus DouglassF117251
2014:26Tommy GreenhalghTaunton SchoolM5761532
2116:33Oscar DevineM380161
2217:17Xavi ParrottM584174
2317:57Evie FarringtonF58861
2418:09Thomas HiscockM992184
2522:22Stephen JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM11961924
2627:18Bethany ParrottF710075