Axmouth Challenge 5-miler 2024

Sunday 14th January

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
142:22Simon DimmockAxe Valley Runners01
245:51Mike WadsworthEgdon Heath Harriers41
346:30Simon FreathyAxe Valley Runners72
446:49Amy Waterson11
547:29Becky TavinerHoniton RC151
647:49Howard BidmeadHoniton RC192
751:42Paula FerrisHoniton RC223
853:16Eric EmersonAxe Valley Runners263
954:10Donna StoneHoniton RC304
1055:46Baz ChandraAxe Valley Runners334
1157:45Samantha MillerAxe Valley Runners375
1257:52Claire HallChard RRC411
131:00:36Nicola OliverIlfracombe RC441
141:01:27Emily DawsonWells City Harriers481
151:01:57Stephen GeorgeHoniton RC525
161:02:21Pam GoddardAxe Valley Runners566
171:02:21Sarah HerfetAxe Valley Runners597
181:02:28Simon HallChard RRC632
191:02:30Shuna GeorgeAxe Valley Runners678
201:03:00Katharine MoranAxe Valley Runners709
211:03:10Kathryn KnightChard RRC743
221:04:15Paula CookeAxe Valley Runners7810
231:04:22David CookeAxe Valley Runners8111
241:10:18Shane MorganAxe Valley Runners8512
251:11:19Aileen HealAxe Valley Runners8913
261:12:25Helen WilliamsHoniton RC936
271:13:02Tina DuckittHoniton RC967
281:15:22Victoria HenwoodHoniton RC1008