Beer Blazer fun run 2015

Sunday 10th May

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
1Harvey GreenBeer Primary SchoolM0111
2Joshua ComerTaunton ACM1221
3Hatty TremlettF211
4Sam EyreColyton Primary SchoolM3331
5Jonathan TrinerStockland Primary SchoolM4441
6Alfie GibbinsFeniton Primary SchoolM5551
7Jack DormorBeer Primary SchoolM7662
8Finn GraysmarkM877
9Innes FitzGeraldBeer Primary SchoolF9223
10George ParrisStockland Primary SchoolM10882
11Isaac ParrisStockland Primary SchoolM11993
12Alice ClarkCycle life AxminsterF12331
13Peter JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM1310101
14Jacob BanfieldBeer Primary SchoolM1411114
15Roman MooreBeer Primary SchoolM1512125
16Ethan VassSeaton Primary SchoolM1613131
17Stephen JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM1714142
18Kian ThomsonSeaton Primary SchoolM1815152
19Harvey BurroughAll Saints Primary SchoolM2016161
20Alfie ManvilleBeer Primary SchoolM2117176
21Reuben BaulchAll Saints Primary SchoolM2218182
22Olivia DeBonoAll Saints Primary SchoolF23443
23Dylan ArnoldBeer Primary SchoolM2419197
24Zak GriffithsStaines Prep SchoolM2520201
25Maddy BenbowRingwood JuniorF26551
26Imogen WalkerF2766
27Kaitlyn FlanniganBeer Primary SchoolF28778
28Max CollinsAll Saints Primary SchoolM2921214
29Archie SweetlandBeer Primary SchoolM3022229
30Naomi GlennieF3288
31Callum PriestleyBeer Primary SchoolM33232310
32Oli GabbAll Saints Primary SchoolM3424245
33Scarlett KnivettBeer Primary SchoolF359911
34Marlon DarraghBranscombe Primary SchoolM3625251
35Marlon DarraghBranscombe Primary SchoolM3726262
36Lola TremlettBranscombe Primary SchoolF3810103
37Charlotte TerryColyton Primary SchoolF3911112
38Mason HughesM402727
39C WoodM412828
40Jack WestlakeBeer Primary SchoolM42292912
41Nancy SmithF431212
42Meisha ParkinsonBeer Primary SchoolF45131313
43Michael JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM4630303
44Daisy GraysmarkF471414
45Joshua PristleyBeer Primary SchoolM48313114
46Ella BondBeer Primary SchoolF49151515
47Taliesin LewensBranscombe Primary SchoolM5032324
48Oliver TrinerStockland Primary SchoolM5133334
49Harry GibbinsFeniton Primary SchoolM5234342
50Ryan WilcoxSeaton Primary SchoolM5335353
51Saffron ClarkF541616
52Reginald DarraghBranscombe Primary SchoolM5536365
53Archie ParrisStockland Primary SchoolM5737375
54Rosie VincentMrs Eccleston's Primary SchoolF5817171
55Charlie VineBeer Primary SchoolM59383816
56Myia HiscoxBeer Primary SchoolF60181817
57Ross HurfordM613939
58Olivia TerryColyton Primary SchoolF6219193
59Hope MoluliBeer Primary SchoolF63202018
60Agatha DarraghBranscombe Primary SchoolF6421216
61Charlie HurfordM654040
62Louis VineBeer Primary SchoolM66414119
63Hebe VincentF672222
64Lily BowkerBeer Primary SchoolF68232320
65Silas MooreBeer Primary SchoolM70424221
66Andrew JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM7143434
67Sophie AbsalomBeer Primary SchoolF72242422
68Jamie DouglasBeer Primary SchoolM73444423
69Jasmine CornellBranscombe Primary SchoolF7425257
70Reuben HartnellBeer Primary SchoolM75454524
71Anna WolfreysBeer Primary SchoolF76262625
72Charlotte LeslieBeer Primary SchoolF77272726
73Arabella AndrewsSeaton Primary SchoolF7828284
74Isaac SmithBeer Primary SchoolM79464627
75Leo WeatherallBeer Primary SchoolM80474728
76Clara OrlandoBeer Primary SchoolF82292929
77Evan GatesBranscombe Primary SchoolM8348488
78Molly DouglasBeer Primary SchoolF84303030
79Gabby SweetlandBeer Primary SchoolF85313131
80Harry SmithM864949
81Unknown runner87
82Poppy ThomsonBeer Primary SchoolF88323232
83Hannah HarveyAll Saints Primary SchoolF8933336
84Isabella BakiBeer Primary SchoolF90343433
85Lulu ThomsonBeer Primary SchoolF91353534
86Ava BakiBeer Primary SchoolF92363635
87Ezra JefferiesAll Saints Primary SchoolM9350507
88Joey ThomsonBeer Primary SchoolM95515136
89Jackson CornellBeer Primary SchoolM96525237
90Molly GatesF973737
91Maisie ClistPuffins PreschoolF9838381
92Freya ClistPuffins PreschoolF9939392
93Maddie TuckerF1004040