Dalwood Three Hills Fun Run 2008

Sunday 24th February

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
18:00Daniel ClappAxe Valley RunnersM0111
28:55James RampersadM622
39:07Joseph RogersAxe Valley RunnersM11332
49:25Joshua HallM1744
69:43Georgia HansonSidmouth RCF28111
79:59Jake HarveyHoniton RCM33551
810:04Rachel SchneidersF3922
910:13Ben SimmondsM4466
1010:33Lydia ClappSidmouth RCF50332
1110:49Max ArmstrongM5677
1211:24Tim WhiteM6188
1311:29Kate WelsfordSidmouth RCF67443
1412:10Milly WhiteF7255
1512:26Katie DaveyHoniton RCM78992
1613:19Ella HarveyHoniton RCF83663
1713:21Katherine ThorpF8977
1816:55Janet MeeF9488
1916:57Bev ThorpF10099