Dalwood Three Hills Fun Run 2009

Sunday 22nd February

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
17:53James RampersadSidmouth RCM0111
27:54Daniel ClappAxe Valley RunnersM4221
38:48Sam UrquhartHoniton RCM7331
48:48Lily HelstonHoniton RCF11112
59:10Layla FelgateAxe Valley RunnersF14222
69:16Patrick MoyseHoniton RCM18443
79:20Annabel ArnoldYeovil OlympiadsF21331
89:30Lydia ClappAxe Valley RunnersF25443
99:33Mollie HansfordAxe Valley RunnersF29554
109:37Jake HarveyHoniton RCM32554
1110:34Isabel HelstonF3666
1210:45Iain RossM3966
1310:57Max HelstonHoniton RCM43775
1411:05Harry BoswellM4688
1511:08Molly MaggsF5077
1611:25Katie DaveyHoniton RCM54996
1711:42Aline ArnoldF5788
1811:52Tiffany MooreAxe Valley RunnersF61995
1912:20Robyn MoyseHoniton RCF6410107
2012:42Jacob SalterM681010
2112:50Jennie DobleHoniton RCF7111118
2213:08Ella HarveyHoniton RCF7512129
2313:15Joe UrquhartM791111
2414:13Maisie MaggsF821313
2514:21Jonathan WyattM861212
2614:28Jack ParrisM891313
2716:12Harry MooreAxe Valley RunnersM9314146
2817:18Peter LoudM961515
2918:10Alex BoswellM1001616