Dalwood Three Hills Fun Run 2012

Sunday 26th February

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
18:52Arthur Heeler-FroodHoniton RCM0111
29:27Max HelstonM722
39:44Sasha DavyHoniton RCF14112
410:29Ethan DayAxe Valley RunnersM21331
510:45Ella MagraneShute CP SchoolF29221
611:04Bailey LivingsShute CP SchoolM36442
711:09Caleb SinclairShute CP SchoolM43553
812:50Ben SewardM5066
912:57Elouisa ShepardShute CP SchoolF57334
1012:59Tara MagraneShute CP SchoolF64445
1113:09Di MagraneF7155
1213:23Elisa WoodF7966
1313:29Lisa GregoryAxe Valley RunnersF86772
1413:32Robin SewardM9377
1515:18Natasha DowerF10088