Dalwood Three Hills Fun Run 2015

Sunday 22nd February

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
110:02Josh ComerTaunton ACM0111210:02
210:05Nate ZarriM722310:05
310:20Darcie MortonBeer Primary SchoolF1411119:11
410:46Josias DrewM2133510:46
511:36Roman MooreBeer Primary SchoolM29442711:36
611:47Dylan ArnoldBeer Primary SchoolM36553811:47
711:57Lottie DrewF4322410:38
812:12Luke HatherlyM50661012:12
912:20Seth PadyM57771212:20
1012:42Kate CookF6433611:18
1113:26Holly SewardF7144911:57
1213:26Robin SewardM79881313:26
1313:49Lily PadyF86551112:17
1416:08Bertie BookerM93991516:08
1516:08Sarah BookerF100661414:21