Dalwood Three Hills Mini Challenge 2011

Sunday 27th February

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
128:22Reuben Heeler-FroodHoniton RCM130111
231:56Findlay FullerHoniton RCM1311222
334:43Katie DaveyHoniton RCF1322113
434:44Rowan WestallM113331
534:50Pippa WestallHoniton RCF4544214
635:55Marianne SweetlandAxe Valley RunnersF56311
737:00Jake HarveyHoniton RCM1367435
837:33Elliott-George HallM117852
938:39Jonathan WyattM138964
101:09:13Harry MooreAxe Valley RunnersM75100712