Minster Junior Race 2013

Sunday 6th October

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
1Sharna EdgeF0111:00
2Peter JohnsM61110:00
3Darcie MortonF122211:00
4Theodore Souttar-StoneM192212:00
5William Alexander-MitchellM253313:00
6Louis Suttar-StoneM314414:00
7Stephen JohnsM385515:00
8Simon HerbertM446616:00
9Sophie Alexander-MitchellF503317:00
10Harriet Souttar-StoneF56442:00
11Caitlin HarrisF62553:00
12Oscar WadeyM69774:00
13Michael JohnsM75885:00
14Andrew JohnsM81996:00
15Oliver WattsM8810107:00
16Mia HuntleyF94668:00
17Esme HuntleyF100779:00