Mrs E's Big Wheeze 5K 2016

Sunday 17th July

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
116:04Chet GillespieAxe Valley RunnersM130111115:05
216:05Ross WaynePurbeck RunnersM4010211215:33
317:24Richard EveringhamWindle Valley RunnersM20311317:24
418:52Oliver RodgerAxe Valley RunnersM1330422417:42
525:52Paul BallardM454051624:01
626:59Ruth CampsBridport RunnersF4050111523:13
728:20Mark SlackM456062826:18
828:21Madeleine LightF407022724:24
929:37Darren FindlayM508071926:21
1031:30Bella ReedF90311028:02
1132:35Gemma GafneyF40100431128:03