Musbury Castle Mini Challenge 2001

Sunday 30th September

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
121:58Tom HilderAxe Valley Runners01
222:24Robin Holt3
323:51Chris Perry7
424:41Joel Seward10
525:16Justin Holt14
625:56Gemma MillmanAxe Valley Runners172
726:35Nathan TeedExmouth Harriers211
828:04Stephen Pomeroy24
928:13Jake Sawer28
1028:20Tanya Berry31
1128:45Peter Sweetapple34
1228:48Joseph Spiers38
1328:50Steve Perry41
1429:24Christopher Packhouse45
1529:41Gemma Berry48
1634:14Tim Sargent52
1734:14Andrew McCullan55
1834:14Andrew Cowling59
1934:24Christine Sweetapple62
2037:20Jenny Heathman66
2138:52Oliver Rowswell69
2238:56Adam Hoare72
2341:18Jack Irving76
2446:43Richard Holt79
2546:43Bridget Holt83
2647:09Lauren Ellis86
2747:10Sue Irving90
2848:07Emily Hoare93
2948:08Stephanie Allen97
3050:12Tracey Hoar100