The East Devon Community Race Series 2016
Team Results

Individual results are on a separate page.

At least 5 runners are required for a team to score in an individual race. The best 5 races score for the series (scores in parentheses have been dropped.)

Team results are computed by arranging runners in age- and gender-graded order, computing each team's average position and then normalising this to a percentage of the number of runners in the race. Each race's results below shows a table of average position, team and number of runners, plus a graph of the cumulative percentage of finishers in each team against their normalised race position.

All teams sorted by mean position

South West RR44.344.344.3
1Axe Valley Runners348.569.770.477.1(91.6)70.8(101.1)(87.0)72.2(113.2)(84.5)58.0
2Honiton RC390.278.0(119.0)(104.6)(90.0)70.388.7(89.4)70.873.287.2(90.2)
Exmouth Harriers86.286.286.2
Teignbridge Trotters314.8104.995.0145.074.8
Maverick Runners109.2109.2109.2
South Devon AC122.1122.1122.1
Chard RRC128.7128.7128.7


Av PosTeamRunners
70.4Axe Valley Runners9
86.2Exmouth Harriers7
109.2Maverick Runners5
119.0Honiton RC10


Av PosTeamRunners
77.1Axe Valley Runners18
95.0Teignbridge Trotters11
104.6Honiton RC9
122.1South Devon AC10


Av PosTeamRunners
90.0Honiton RC23
91.6Axe Valley Runners23
128.7Chard RRC5
145.0Teignbridge Trotters5


Av PosTeamRunners
70.3Honiton RC14
70.8Axe Valley Runners25


Av PosTeamRunners
88.7Honiton RC12
101.1Axe Valley Runners21


Av PosTeamRunners
44.3South West RR5
87.0Axe Valley Runners6
89.4Honiton RC7


Av PosTeamRunners
70.8Honiton RC10
72.2Axe Valley Runners11


Av PosTeamRunners
73.2Honiton RC9
113.2Axe Valley Runners15


Av PosTeamRunners
84.5Axe Valley Runners10
87.2Honiton RC10


Av PosTeamRunners
58.0Axe Valley Runners14
74.8Teignbridge Trotters6
90.2Honiton RC6