Umborne Fun Run 2014

Saturday 7th June

Apologies for the many missing times.

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
110:15Alfie Devine-WrightExeter HarriersM0111
211:55Cameron BrysonExmouth HarriersM2221
311:56Matt ThurgoodAxe Valley RunnersM5331
412:02Finn MusgroveSouth West RRM7441
512:15William WatsonAxe Valley RunnersM9552
6Jack BroomM1166
7Sam BroomM1477
8Jamie PorterHoniton RCM16881
9Ethan HawesSouth West RRM18992
10Katelyn WellsExeter HarriersF20112
11Chris WatsonAxe Valley RunnersM2310103
1213:58Darcie MortonBeer Primary SchoolF25221
1314:02Jasmine StoneHoniton RCF27332
1414:22Josh Foundling-HawkerM301111
1514:48James OakHoniton RCM3212123
1614:56Connor HawesSouth West RRM3413133
17Morgan LoweryM361414
18Peter JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM3915154
1915:22Josh d'AlbertansonAxe Valley RunnersM4116165
20Toby TytherleighM431717
2115:30Sam BirtM451818
22Ella ShepherdF4844
23Charlie CorrM501919
24Aidan BownExmouth HarriersM5220202
2516:44Stephen JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM5521216
2617:18Sammie d'AlbertansonAxe Valley RunnersM5722227
2717:18Kay d'AlbertansonAxe Valley RunnersF59558
2817:24Dylan ArnoldBeer Primary SchoolM6123232
29Richard TytherleighM642424
30Ella TytherleighF6666
31Lara OakHoniton RCF68774
32Warren OakHoniton RCM7025255
33Ella CorrF7388
34Michael JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM7526269
3521:00Thomas DouglasChard RRCM7727271
3621:12Crocus DouglasChard RRCF80992
3721:12Maia HenleyF821010
3822:00Harry PorterM842828
39Ellen LazellF861111
40Zoe EdwardsF891212
41Andrew JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM91292910
42Tia BowmanF931313
43Niah BownExmouth HarriersF9514143
44Holly BownExmouth HarriersF9815154
45Ellis BownExmouth HarriersM10030305