Yarcombe Yomp 5-miler 2008

Saturday 1st November

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
137:37Bradley KingMJ011237:37
240:23Hannah BridgerAxe Valley RunnersFJ11111135:56
347:15Julian JelfsM2221647:15
447:18Greg AxselHoniton RCM4533311343:55
548:28Matt FrostMJ4442748:28
651:19John ChestersSidmouth RCM5056511445:40
751:34Graham HarrisonM506762545:53
857:39Sara WaplingtonF7821951:18
91:03:45Ruth ChestersSidmouth RCF5089312850:02
101:09:57Deborah DormanF4010041101:00:13