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The AVR Handicap returns from November 2021!

Full route at https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1733853
Step by step images of the route and rules at https://www.axevalleyrunners.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/AVR-Handicap-route.pdf
Note: the step-by-step guide will take some time to load on a slow connection!

Note that for December 2021, you will be running based on your marks from November 2021 which are:

November 2021 Handicap Results

James GulerNot recorded
Jack Broom17:21
Matt Clist17:52
Matthew Orsman19:00
Rob Collier19:05
Ben Stone20:26
Matt Hewer20:55
Jamie Cole21:32
Andrew Strongitharm21:52
Jon Day22:31
Ian Kinnersley22:40
Tim Sibley22:50
Colin Hamnett23:14
Thomas Parsons23:28
Wayne Tooze23:44
Richard Matthews24:09
Eleanor Wood24:35
Sue Hayes24:53
Karen Eyre24:54
David Cooke25:48
Kerry Board25:49
Emily Brock25:54
Andrew Hartnell25:58
Jeremy Slade27:48
Carol Austin27:53
Kevin Feeney28:10
Alan Morbey28:13
Katharine Moran29:11
Niall McNeice29:30
Angela Kerr29:37
Keith Agland29:46
Mark Day29:46
Shaun Vinnicombe30:15
Sally Raynes30:16
Anna McLoughlin30:30
Carolyn Nation31:10
Suzi Blackett31:40
Heather Simmons31:45
Claire Warner31:47
Alison Gould31:54
Janette Mack32:10
John Whitaker32:10
Amie Sibley32:19
Julia Mallon32:31
Helen Holmes32:31
Diana Burn32:33
Ian Smith32:45
Louise Rawlins32:53
Iain Westworth33:00
Charlotte Horlock33:03
Pam Goddard33:48
Gill Day33:54
Jenny Ford33:54
Paula Cooke34:36
Sara Feldman34:43
Maxine Sweetman35:01
Jason Hyde35:01
Thom Mincham35:13
Dave Hutchings35:15
Rachel Hiscock35:54
Caroline Thompson35:54
Robert Kerr37:38
Dave Mutter37:54

The Rules

  • Your mark is the best of your last four times up to two years old
  • Your PB is your best ever and is therefore never slower than, but can be faster than, your mark
  • Your start is the slowest mark minus your mark (the faster you are, the smaller your mark and the later you start)
  • The first twenty scoring runners to finish get twenty down to one scores points
  • You need two runs before you can score other than for running and beating mark
  • Anyone completing the course gets a run point
  • Anyone who beats their mark gets a mark point
  • The highest 9 scores count towards the total
  • The time of anyone finishing more than a minute behind anyone else, and anyone finishing after them, will not be used to compute their mark. They will still get points but it means that a string of unreasonably slow runs won’t give someone an easy mark. Contact Garry in the event of long-term injury affecting your times so this can be amended
  • Numbers in last month’s results reflect scores, marks and PBs as of last month whereas the overall and next month start lists reflect current values
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