Club and Team Shop


All club kit can now be purchased online and we have a large number of running related items available through our new provider – Kukri Sports.
NB: Please be aware that goods purchased from Kukri Sports cannot be returned unless defective.

Please note the distinction between the Club and Team shops:

  • the club shop contains race vests, t-shirts and hoodies that have been designed specifically for Axe Valley Runners and are unique to the club.  We need an minimum order of 10 items of any particular line before Kukri will take that order.  To facilitate this, the club shop will be open for a limited period on several occasions per year, probably four.We will let all members know when the club shop is open both on this website and through the Weekahead so that there is ample time to place your order.  All orders will be despatched to one agreed address specified by the club and kit will then have to be collected from that address or distributed as agreed by the club.  Please note that bespoke manuafacturing and delivery takes about 13 weeks once we have closed the shop since the products are produced in China and then shipped by sea to the UK.  That could mean it taking 4 months from the placing of your order to receipt of your goods.  Follow this link to place a club shop order:
  • the team shop is open at all times and offers a large choice of less in demand items “off the shelf” running items in a black design embroidered with the club logo.  These items are manufactured in the UK and have a delivery time of about 6 weeks once you place your order.  They will be delivered directly to your door and there is no minimum order size unlike club shop items.  Follow this link to place a team shop order: