Club runs: groups and indicative paces

All runs are published on the calendar on a Friday and the link to the calendar is in the “weekahead” email that goes to members on a Sunday.
Runs and sessions may vary but will usually include:
Monday:  Multi-terrain run from Seaton.
Tuesday: Club night : Runs range from 4 to 8 miles at differing paces; multi-terrain or road. Starting from Seaton Cricket Club at 6:30pm on first and third Tuesdays of the month.  Varying locations on second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.
Wednesday:  Runs in Axminster and Seaton
Thursday: Interval sessions from varying locations, intermediate run from varying locations, #Run and talk walk/run in Seaton from Fisherman’s Gap
Friday: Beginners + group for those who can run roughly 3 miles and want to increase their distance

If you are unsure which run will suit you do contact us first via the  contact page.

Below is an example of the type of runs available with the usual Run Leader’s name, start locations and times vary from 5.30 – 6.30 pm so check the calendar page.


Mid-intermediate Off-road (Chris): 6-7 miles at 8/10 min/mile usually off-road or multi-terrain.


There is currently no juniors section.  This will be reviewed again after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Handicap: This is a timed run available for all runners.  Held on the first Tuesday of the month.  Restarting as an actual run in November. Our virtual handicap will overlap and end in December.

Fast group (Rob) : 8-9 miles at 6.5-8 min/mile.  Multi-terrain or road.

Intermediate group (Eleanor): 7-8 miles at 7.5-9 min/mile.  Multi-terrain, off-road or road.

Mid-intermediate Road (Carol): 6-7 miles at 8/10 min/mile road.

Improvers (2 groups: Amie and Dave): 5-6 miles at 10/11 min/mile road or multi-terrain

Next Steppers (Gill):  5-6 miles at 10-14 min/mile road or multi-terrain.

Beyond beginners (Robert): 3.5-4.5 miles 11 min/mile on road around Seaton


Improvers (Jon- Seaton) – 5-7 miles mix of speed sessions, time trials, fartleks, road or multi-terrain

Improvers (Kevin- Axminster) –5-7 miles  8/10 min miles road or multi-terrain



Intermediates (Eleanor) –  7-8 miles at a 7.5-9 min/mile usually off-road

Intervals (2 groups: Carol and Rob) for all abilities – targeting improving 5k or 10k times

#RunandTalk (Sarah and Pam) – 5k run or run/walk


Beginners+ and slower runners (Irene) – Usually run 4-5 miles. Lots of support for newish or returning runners