Club Nights

Regular Club Runs

All runs are published on the calendar on a Friday and a link to the same calendar is included in the”Week Ahead” email that goes to members on a Sunday.


Tuesday is our “Club Night”. On the first and third Tuesday of every month we all meet in Seaton (Pitchside, Football Club in winter, Cricket Club in summer.) This is also a chance for notices from the Club Chair and for members to meet with each other and their club committee. The bar is open after the runs so members can catch up and socialise. The format also allows members to decide on the night which group to run with and so facilitates movement between groups. On the other Tuesdays, Run Leaders start their runs in differing locations in the local area – as advertised in the calendar. The first Tuesday of every month (except August & September) is taken over by the handicap race, though a few group runs are available for those not wishing to participate in the handicap. Otherwise, a full range of runs, road and multi-terrain / off-road, to suit all abilities is offered every week. All runs start at 18:30.

Other Days

Other regular sessions take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, including interval sessions to suit all abilities, “Runshiners”, a friendly, socially focussed 5k run open to all, and other road and off-road runs – see below for more details. Start times and locations may vary so be sure to check the calendar.

If you’re a runner of any ability thinking of joining the club or a current member and not sure which group will be right for you, then please contact us (particularly Rob Collier or Lee Moran), or just turn up to club night on the third Tuesday of the month ready to run!

Explanation of Pace Guidelines

Many of the groups are shown with a pace guideline – for this we use an approximate 5k time range. Most runners have some idea of how quickly they can run a 5k race, e.g. their Parkrun, and hence this is a useful yardstick to give some idea of how quick runners in that group are likely to be. Actual group run paces are not very helpful here, since terrain and elevation, and hence pace, vary hugely from one run to another! Please note that the 5k time range shown does not mean that if you fall outside that range you can’t join the group – in fact these ranges have been set such that about 80% of the group fall within the range. However, if you do fall within the range, you are likely to find the pace of the run comfortable and will not be hanging off the back or continually looping back from the front (note that in all groups, there are regular loop back points, where faster runners loop back to re-join the group behind the slowest.) If you fall a long way outside the range (on either side) please consider a different group – this will make the runs more enjoyable for you and others.