Our policy on places, transfers & refunds

We sometimes receive complaints that we should give Grizzly regulars priority when entries open. We have also received complaints that we should give newcomers priority. We clearly can’t please both bodies of runners. Our policy is simple: no one gets priority.

If you are looking for a place in the Grizzly once entries close or have a place but can’t use it then I’m afraid that we can’t help much.

  • Congestion on the course and limited parking in Seaton limit the numbers we can handle but we accept more entries on the basis that a few hundred won’t turn up.
  • We therefore don’t have a waiting list, don’t put runners with a place in touch with those looking for one or vice versa, and don’t suggest how you can go about finding or selling a place.
  • However, we are happy for runners to arrange transfers between themselves as long as we’re told of the change for which purpose you can use the change of runner form for which there will be a link above by the end of October. We prefer that to phoning them since it’s less prone to potential error and far less intrusive on our personal lives.
  • We do not offer refunds or deferrals under any circumstances other than the advanced cancellation or postponement of the event, and then possibly only partial or NIL if we have incurred significant costs. Please remember that the Grizzly is organised by volunteers and any surplus proceeds are donated to various charities each year.
  • There is no need to tell us if you won’t be able to make it although doing so before the numbers are sent will obviously save us some postage and reduce waste. You would still be able to transfer your number to someone else since we keep a record of all entries.
  • We could obviously accept fewer entries up-front and operate a waiting list but:
    • Managing this would add significantly to our already high workload.
    • Many people want to know in September/October if they’ve got in so they can book accommodation (which is limited).
  • Please don’t be tempted to run the race without having a place. It’s not fair on those who accept the situation, and anyone found doing could be disqualified and even banned from our events.