Autumn 2022 Couch to 5K

Axe Valley Runners are starting a Couch to 5K running course starting on Wednesday 21st September at 6.30pm meeting at Fisherman’s Gap (by the roundabout) on Seaton seafront. The cost is £5 for the whole 12 week course. The club take this via LoveAdmin which is very user friendly. Click on the link to regiater as a new member or email me if you are unsure.The course is suitable for anyone looking to improve their fitness through running or jogging regardless of pace or age.


  1. Is it suitable for me? Yes. You run/ walk/ jog at your own pace. The 12 weeks is time enough for everyone to improve. We have lots of supportive volunteers
  2. What if I miss a week? Not a problem, you’ll catch up
  3. Should I be running outside of Wednesday’s nights? Ideally. I’ll send you out the Runner’s World programme which is based around 4 walk/ runs a week. It’s a big ask. Do what you can
  4. Is it suitable for children? Unfortunately we’re not insured for children. 18 and above only
  5. Can I sign my friends up? Best not to. You might be keen, they may be less so. Give them my email, below, and they can sign up themselves. That way I have everyone’s email and if we have to change things and/or people drop out then everyone is still in touch
  6. What should I wear? Loose comfortable clothes and trainers. Please don’t spend loads of money on new kit
  7. I’ve started one of these before but had to pull out, can I sign up again? Yes please do.
  8. 😎 I missed out on the last one but think I’m on a waiting list? You almost certainly are and I’ll be in touch shortly but by all means do email me
  9. Do I need to be a serious runner? No it’s about having fun and improving fitness!

Please email me Cliff Marriott if you have any questions about the course or the sign up process.  I look forward to seeing you at Fisherman’s Gap soon!