Virtual Handicap 2021

The 2021 virtual handicap is underway!  An explanation of the handicap, the rules and how to enter can be found here.  Please contact Andrew Hartnell if you have any specific queries about the handicap.

Historical handicap data can be found here

Current Standings

Sarah Whelan14820222222192122
Jon Day1282219133416141720
Kevin Feeney12615126111512162019
Pam Goddard12322151916211614
Paula Cooke12216151819211914
David Cooke118151721222221
Eleanor Wood11421181859141415
Caroline Wiseman 11119201320101811
Keith Agland103117210179201116
Shirley Salter9720151114111313
Andrew Hartnell966142018181217
Kerry Board86121136712121013
Richard Mathews7518174141012
Alan Morbey 72121201515
Maxine Sweetman71102122810
Amie Sibley4318817
Katherine Moran411610996
Tim Sibley39131412
Ron Seward3358119
Ferenc Kovacs231175
Sarah Shepley23149
Gill Day22121
Alison Davies21120
Angela Kerr1679
Lindsey Frethy 1616
Cliff Marriott 15114
Carol Austin1313
Lesley Adams 11
Bob Carter0
Susan Wall0
Vicki Wraight0

November Results

Sarah Whelan23m 52s22m 48s1201+1m 4s122
Paula Cooke25m 2s24m 27s2191+35s121
Pam Goddard 24m 22s23m 48s3181+34s120
David Cooke18m 10s17m 56s4171+14s119
Richard Matthews 17m 59s20m 1s5161+1s118
Kevin Feeney19m 34s19m 9s6151-27s16
Eleanor Wood18m 37s17m 3s7141-32s15
Jon Day16m 23s17m 37s8131-40s14
Caroline Wiseman26m 43s27m 37s9121-54s13
Andrew Hartnell19m 8s20m 6s10111-58s12
Keith Agland 19m 40s20m 39s11101-59s11
Kerry Board18m 26s19m 50s1291-1m 24s10

October Results

Paula Cooke25m 22s25m 22s1201+20s122
Sarah Whelan24m 12s23m 52s1201+20s122
Pam Goddard 24m 26s24m 22s3181+4s120
Eleanor Wood18m 40s18m 37s4171+3s119
David Cooke18m 12s18m 10s5161+2s118
Andrew Hartnell19m 8s19m 17s6151-9s16
Kevin Feeney19m 34s19m 54s7141-20s15
Jon Day16m 23s17m 2s8131-39s14
Richard Matthews17m 59s18m 40s9121-41s13
Keith Agland 19m 40s21m 16s10111-1m 36s12
Kerry Board18m 1s20m 8s11101-2m 7s11
Caroline Wiseman26m 43s29m 0s1291-2m 17s10

August Results

NameMarkAugust TimePositionPointsRunMarkDifference +/-Total
David Cooke19m 16s18m 36s12011+0m 40s22
Sarah Whelan25m 8s24m 39s21911+0m 29s21
Kevin Feeney19m 57s19m 44s31811+0m 13s20
Paula Cooke25m 32s25m 22s41711+0m 10s19
Caroline Wiseman26m 51s26m 43s51611+0m 8s18
Jon Day16m 48s16m 47s61511+0m 1s17
Alan Morbey 19m 56s19m 57s7141-0m 1s15
Pam Goddard24m 26s24m 33s8131-0m 7s14
Shirley Salter22m 52s23m 1s9121-0m 9s13
Andrew Hartnell19m 8s19m 30s10111-0m 22s12
Keith Agland19m 40s20m 20s11101-0m 40s11
Kerry Board17m 58s18m 39s1291-0m 41s10
Ron Seward 18m 23s19m 14s1381-0m 51s9

June Results

Names Mark June TimePositionPointsRunDifference +/-MarkTotal
Sarah Whelan26m 35s25m 20s12011m 15s122
Pam Goddard25m 32s24m 26s21911m 6s121
Caroline Wiseman27m 56s26m 51s31811m 5s120
Paula Cooke26m 5s25m 56s41719s119
Andrew Hartnell19m 21s19m 13s51618s118
Jon Day16m 39s16m 48s6151-9s16
Alan Morbey 19m 56s20m 6s7141-10s15
Eleanor Wood18m 29s18m 46s8131-17s14
Shirley Salter22m 52s23m 12s9121-20s13
Kerry Board17m 38s18m 1s10111-23s12
Kevin Feeney19m 57s20m 20s10111-23s12
Maxine Sweetman 23m 41s24m 5s1291-24s10
Keith Agland19m 53s20m 38s1381-45s9
Ron Seward 18m 3s19m 4s1471-1m 1s8

May Results

Sarah Whelan27m 40s26m 35s12011m 5s122
David Cooke20m 57s20m 9s21910m 48s121
Alan Morbey 20m 33s19m 56s31810m 37s120
Andrew Hartnell19m 58s19m 21s31810m 37s120
Paula Cooke26m 39s26m 05s51610m 22s118
Keith Agland20m 15s19m 53s61510m 19s117
Pam Goddard25m 51s25m 32s71410m 19s116
Kevin Feeney20m 07s19m 57s81310m 10s115
Cliff Marriott 19m 48s19m 39s91210m 9s114
Caroline Wiseman28m 00s27m 56s101110m 4s113
Shirley Salter22m 52s22m 54s11101-0m 2s11
Richard Mathews17m 59s18m 14s1291-0m 15s10
Eleanor Wood18m 29s18m 45s1381-0m 16s9
Angela Kerr 19m 36s19m 52s1381-0m 16s9
Kerry Board17m 38s17m 58s1561-0m 20s7
Katherine Moran20m 56s21m 19s16510m 23s6
Ferenc Kovacs17m 20s18m 41s1741-1m 21s5
Jon Day16m 39s18m 10s1831-1m 31s4

April Results

Alan Morbey 21m 29s20m 33s21910m 56s121
Andrew Hartnell18m 38s20m 38s1831-2m 0s4
Caroline Wiseman28m 54s28m31810m 54s120
Cliff Marriott 20m 54s19m 48s51610m 27s118
David Cooke21m 22s20m 57s61510m 25s117
Eleanor Wood18m 29s19m 36s1741-1m 7s5
Ferenc Kovacs17m 20s18m 22s1561-1m 2s7
Jon Day16m 39s19m 8s1921-2m 29s3
Katherine Moran20m 56s21m 31s1381-0m 35s9
Keith Agland19m 58s20m 26s1291-0m 28s10
Kerry Board17m 3s18m 7s1651-1m 4s6
Kevin Feeney19m 58s20m 18s11101-0m 20s11
Lindsey Freathy 21m 4s20m 43s71410m 21s116
Maxine Sweetman23m 41s24m 17s1471-0m 36s8
Pam Goddard26m 28s25m 51s41710m 37s119
Paula Cooke26m 54s26m 39s81310m 15s115
Richard Mathews18m 3s17m 59s91210m 4s114
Sarah Whelan28s 42s27m 40s12011m 2s122
Shirley Salter22m 56s22m 52s91210m 4s114

March Results

Names Mark March TimePositionPointsRunDifference +/-MarkTotal
Maxine Sweetman25m 35s23m 41s12011m 54s122
Gill Day24m 38s23m 36s21910m 52s121
Sarah Whelan29m 33s28m 42s31810m 51s120
Caroline Wiseman29m 38s28m 54s41710m 44s119
Eleanor Wood19m 1s18m 29s51610m 32s118
Amie Sibley23m 2s22m 35s61510m 27s117
Paula Cook27m 16s26m 54s71410m 22s116
Pam Goddard26m 46s26m 28s81310m 18s115
David Cook21m 40s21m 22s81310m 18s115
Jon Day16m 55s16m 39s101110m 16s113
Tim Sibley16m 21s16m 7s111010m 14s112
Ferenc Kovacs17m 33s17m 20s12910m 13s111
Shirley Salter23m 9s22m 56s12910m 13s111
Katherine Moran21m 7s20m 56s14710m 11s19
Angela Kerr19m 36s19m 37s1561-1s7
Kevin Feeney19m 58s20m 7s1651-0m 9s6
Ron Seward18m 3s18m 23s1741-0m 20s5
Richard Mathews18m 4s18m 56s1831-0m 52s4
Kerry Board17m 3s18m 14s1921-1m 11s3
Keith Agland19m 1s20m 15s2011-1m 14s2
Andrew Hartnell18m 35s20m 14s211-1m 39s1
Alan Morbey 21m 29s1-21m 29s1

February Results

Names Mark February time PositionPointsRunDifference +/-MarkTotal
Pam Goddard28:3526:4612011m 49s122
Maxine Sweetman26:4325:3521911m 8s121
Alison Davis20:5319:56318157s120
Jon Day17:3816:55417143s119
Eleanor Wood19:2919:01516128s118
Richard Mathews18:0418:0361511s117
Shirley Salter23:0923:217141-12s15
Tim Sibley16:2116:348131-13s14
Carol Austin19:2019:509121-30s13
Kevin Feeney19:4720:2110111-34s12
Kerry Board17:0317:3811101-35s11
Katherine Moran21:0721:441291-37s10
Ferenc Kovacs17:3318:271381-54s9
Amie Sibley23:0224:251471-1m 23s8
Keith Agland19:0120:571561-1m 56s7
Andrew Hartnell18:0620:261651-2m 20s6
Gill Day24:381-24m 38s1
Lesley Adams26:301-26m 30s1

January Results

NameMarkJanuary timePositionPointsRunDifference +/-MarkTotal
Jon Day20m 2s17m 38s12012m 24s122
Eleanor Wood20m 12s19m 29s219143s121
Shirley Salter23m 14s23m 9s31815s120
Amie Sibley23m 2s23m 8s4171-6s18
Richard Mathews18m 4s18m 10s4171-6s18
Katherine Moran21m 7s21m 22s6151-15s16
Kevin Feeney19m 47s20m 11s7141-24s15
Sarah Shepley21m 19s22m 5s8131-46s14
Tim Sibley16m 21s17m 35s9121-1m 14s13
Kerry Board17m 3s18m 19s10111-1m 16s12
Keith Agland19m 1s20m 36s11101-1m 35s11
Maxine Sweetman27m 3s31m 9s1291-4m 6s10
Cliff Marriot020m 15s1-20m 15s1
Alison Davis020m 53s1-20m 53s1

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Current Standings 2021

Pam Goddard109221519162116
Sarah Whelan1052022222219
Eleanor Wood99211818591414
Jon Day91221913341614
Paula Cooke891615181921
Kevin Feeney871512611151216
Shirley Salter84201511141113
Caroline Wiseman 821920132010
Keith Agland7611721017920
David Cooke7515172122
Maxine Sweetman71102122810
Andrew Hartnell67614201818
Richard Mathews63181741410
Kerry Board6312113671212
Alan Morbey 571212015
Amie Sibley4318817
Katherine Moran501610996
Tim Sibley39131412
Ron Seward245811
Ferenc Kovacs231175
Sarah Shepley23149
Gill day22121
Alison Davies21120
Angela Kerr1679
Lindsey Frethy 1616
Cliff Marriott 15114
Carol Austin1313
Lesley Adams 11
Bob Carter0
Susan Wall0
Vicki Wraight0