Race Information

The race starts at 10:30 on Sunday 17th March. Please be in the start area on the sea front by 10:15.


Race Information 2024

Do’s and Don’t’s

Course maps

The 2024 course map can be found below. Thank you to Dave Mutter for designing this work of art.

A one page map of the course including approximate mileage points can also be found here:

Please note that various sections of the course use private land and runners should not train on or access any private sections of the course at any time other than during the race.

Seaton town map

Race cut-0ff information

The Grizzly is approximately 20 miles and the Cub Run 9 miles. The Cub split is at Branscombe Mouth, where this year Cub runners will experience the thrill of entering the stream on the beach before heading back towards Beer and Seaton.

Both The Grizzly & Cub are running races.                                                                    

You will be required to run the majority of the route or you will not make the Shortcut & cut-off points (see table below). These will be strictly enforced on both routes, the purpose of which is to minimise the time marshalls are kept out on the course, sometimes in inclement weather, & therefore ensuring the good will of our marshals is maintained without which we could not hold this iconic event safely for you the runner.                                                                                                                                                                                         


saved. P/O or S/C
1.0m 10.48am P/O Start/Finish – anyone who has made no attempt to run the first mile or more than 18 mins elapsed time
Cub only 4m 3 min or 11.45am 2.3m S/C Before Coastguard lookout – turn left before gate and rejoin course above Stairway to Heaven
5.4m 3 min or 12.10pm 10.9m S/C Branscombe Mouth Cub split – onto Cub back to finish
6.9m 5 min or 12.40pm 6.6m S/C Junction of Hole House lane with footpath up to Northern Lane – turn left up footpath
9.4m 6 min or 1.30pm 1.2m S/C Lane junction with Elverway Farm – ahead through farmyard instead of left to Baldash Cottage
12.9m 7 min or 2.40pm P/O Junction of Trafalgar Barton & Lockseys Lane
14.0m 8 min or 3.05pm P/O Fountainhead Inn.
14.2m 9 min or 3.10pm 0.5m S/C Pitt Farm, Right turn uphill instead of downhill left
16.2m 12 min or 3.50pm P/O Branscombe Mouth

Cut off times will be strictly enforced & anyone failing to follow any race officials instructions to cut-off or withdraw from the race will have their race number taken from them, will no longer be insured and will effectively be trespassing on private land.

The weekend events timetable

Details of everything Grizzly related that will happening over the race weekend can be found here:

Weekend Events Timetable – 24