AVR Race Series Championship 2023

All scores by runner

Total scores by category

Your score in each race is based on your position relative to other AVRs only, i.e. first AVR gets 100 points.

Your final score will be the sum of your best six scores (so obviously doing six or more races is a big factor in winning!)

Prizes will be awarded to the highest scorer in each age/gender category. Your category is determined by your age at the start of the year.

Some of the scores may change through the year, e.g. for Seaton Parkrun, as I periodically update everyone’s best times using Parkrun data.

For your best Half Marathon and Marathon time of the year, you need to submit your times to me (Lee Moran) at leedmoran@gmail.com . If you do more than one eligible event through the year please submit each time as you get it (if it is better than the last) and I’ll update all the scores accordingly – don’t wait until the end of the year to submit your best. To be fair on everyone, the times you submit must the official time (not your own watch time) and must have been done in a race (any one you like!) on the official course (i.e. no virtual marathons.) For all other races I will collect the results automatically for anyone who is in the membership list.

Your name in the results list is as it appears in the club membership list. Given differences in names in the race entries and members list (e.g. Matt Hewer vs. Matthew Hewer) I may have missed some results, so please contact me if you think you should have a score that is not showing in the results list (or your category is wrong, etc.) This could also happen if you only joined the club this year.

The cut-off date for best time submissions will be three days before the Christmas Party so that the final results can be announced and prizes awarded there.

More information on the competition can be found here.

For any other questions about the race series championship, feel free to ask me or Matt Hewer.

Good Luck!

All Runner Scores

RunnerCategoryGrizzlyBeer BlazerUmborne UgHalf MarathonMarathonSeaton ParkrunBH 10kTemplar 10Total
Aaron RawlinsM4073.669.683.
Adele GirdwoodF550.
Adrian StrawbridgeM4061.
Aileen HealF600.
Alan HornibrookM6544.40.056.870.041.779.374.1366
Alan MorbeyM600.
Alan SealeyM554.
Alayasri RolfF650.
Albert DLimaM550.043.543.
Alison GouldF550.
Amanda HarrisF450.
Amie SibleyF450.
Amy BaxterF4018.
Andrew HartnellM500.
Andrew SnookM4095.8100.
Andrew WestM600.
Andy BroomM500.
Andy CharringtonM6041.
Angela KerrF650.00.010.827.020.840.031.0130
Angela MorganF550.
Ann CostonF550.
Barry FollettM6047.
Bec DaveyF500.
Ben TuckerM4070.
Bob CarterM650.
Carly LoweFS0.
Carol AustinF600.
Caroline FrenchF400.
Carolyn NationF450.
Cath BrentonF4012.
Chris PolleyM500.
Chris RathboneM5079.
Claire WarnerF650.
Clare DolanF400.
Cliff MarriottM550.
Colin HamnettM5055.
Cory SchultzeMS26.430.445.950.
Craig TileyMS0.
Damian BaxterM4016.
Dan ClistM4027.
Darrell FarleyM5531.
Dave MutterM70+
David CookeM650.
David CullM400.
David HuttonM550.
david sadlerM400.
Deborah CollinsF550.
Deborah WhistonF450.
Diana BurnF650.
Diane NewtonF70+
Duncan DavisonM70+
Duncan StaddonM4097.20.00.0100.
Eleanor WoodF6569.456.
Ellie DomineyFS0.
Emilie BrockF4077.878.386.
Emma EllynnF550.
Emma RichardsonF5013.
Emma SampsonF450.
Eric EmersonM70+
Ferenc KovacsMS0.
Fiona SewardF650.
Gareth WalkerM400.
Geoff RuggM600.
Geoff WoodwardM550.
Georgie RyanF550.
Haydn BoehmM4572.265.275.787.037.586.784.5471
Heather SimmonsF408.
Helen BoehmF500.
Helen HolmesF551.
Henry SmithM5529.
Iain WestworthM600.
Ian AppsM500.
Ian ClementsM6020.
Ian KinnersleyM6062.560.962.
Ian SmithM600.
Isabella SANDALLFS36.
Jack BroomMS0.00.0100.00.0100.099.30.0299
James AshforthMS0.
James GreenM400.
James HawkerM4550.
Jane CalvertF550.
Janet CullumF70+
Janette MackF600.
Jason PotterMS48.60.078.477.00.084.479.3368
Jayne TumberF550.
Jeremy LarcombeMS30.
Jeremy NorcombeM600.
Jeremy SladeM5534.
Joanne OrsmanFS0.
Joel SewardMS91.
Joel WilkinsMS33.
John LarcombeM656.
John WhitakerM550.
Julia ConwayF500.
Julia MallonF502.
Julia TeagueF5038.
Karen EyreF5056.
Kate PatayF600.
Katharine MoranF4519.
Kathryn ThompsonFS0.
Keith AglandM650.
Kelly NickelsF400.
Kerry BoardF4568.10.070.330.
Kevin FeeneyM650.
Laura KerrFS0.
Lee MoranM400.
Lesley AdamsF650.
Lindsey FreathyF450.
Liz CurleyF450.
Louise HarrisonF550.
Louise RawlinsF450.
Lucyann AshdownF550.00.029.723.
Luke ReedM400.
Margaret PearceF500.
Marianne SweetlandF500.
Mark DayM505.
Mark SpraggsM4543.10.059.557.
Martin ChestermanM609.
Matt FrostMS88.
Matthew ClistM40100.095.797.30.00.0100.0100.0493
Matthew HewerM4084.
Matthew OrsmanM4593.
Max RichardsonMS76.
Maxine SweetmanF650.
Mike WadsworthM6058.
Neil JohnsonM6545.
Niall Mc NeiceM500.
Nicholas CoxheadM600.
Nick AdamsM650.
Nick LidsterM5011.
pam goddardF550.
Patrick Devine-WrightM5086.
Patrick KinsellaM5052.
Patrick roselloM5037.
Paul JohnsM450.
Paul LloydM600.
Paula CookeF600.
Pete HallettM5040.
Peter HealM650.
Rebecca EastburnFS0.
Richard HardyMS94.491.394.60.091.797.094.8564
Richard JacksonM4551.
Richard MatthewsM500.
Rick WoodM70+
Rik TumberMS83.387.
Ritchie DurrantMS0.
Rob GibsonM4523.
Robert AdkinM4059.
Robert CollierM5090.
Roberta WadsworthF500.
Ron SewardM70+0.047.851.463.00.075.658.6296
Rupert PadyM5080.
Ryan SnellM400.
Samantha MillerF550.
Samantha SummersF400.
Samantha ToozeF450.
Sarah HerfetF500.
Sarah ShepleyF550.
Shaun VinnicombeM500.
Shirley SalterF650.
Simon DaveyM5563.
Simon DimmockMS0.
Simon FreathyM450.00.067.638.00.083.777.6267
Stephen GriggM4575.
Steve BrentonM5065.
Steve LewisM70+15.334.
Steve MaclureM450.
Sue HayesF450.
Sue HodgeF500.
Susan ChambersF600.
Susan WallF600.
Susi SadlerF400.
Suzi BlackettF4022.
Terry EmmettM4087.
Thomas ParsonsMS54.
Thomasin MinchamF450.
Tim LentonM4598.682.
Tim SibleyM5066.
Tom OrsmanM4081.
Tony SmithM500.
Tracy ChapmanF400.
Vicki WraightF4025.00.013.510.
Vivienne BlumfieldF650.
Wayne ToozeM500.
Zoe TrewickFS0.

Runner Scores by Category

Emilie Brock331
Kelly Nickels108
Vicki Wraight98
Caroline French71
Heather Simmons46
Cath Brenton30
Suzi Blackett22
Amy Baxter18
Susi Sadler16
Tracy Chapman13
Clare Dolan8
Samantha Summers5
Kerry Board300
Deborah Whiston178
Katharine Moran158
Lindsey Freathy143
Amanda Harris64
Sue Hayes54
Samantha Tooze27
Emma Sampson27
Carolyn Nation26
Thomasin Mincham16
Amie Sibley16
Liz Curley12
Louise Rawlins1
Karen Eyre248
Margaret Pearce134
Emma Richardson45
Sue Hodge42
Roberta Wadsworth39
Julia Teague39
Julia Conway30
Marianne Sweetland24
Sarah Herfet24
Bec Davey7
Helen Boehm5
Julia Mallon3
Adele Girdwood156
Ann Coston105
Lucyann Ashdown53
Samantha Miller44
Emma Ellynn38
Louise Harrison36
Sarah Shepley30
Georgie Ryan23
Alison Gould19
Jane Calvert19
pam goddard14
Jayne Tumber13
Angela Morgan9
Deborah Collins6
Helen Holmes1
Carol Austin183
Susan Wall52
Susan Chambers47
Janette Mack34
Paula Cooke33
Aileen Heal10
Kate Patay4
Eleanor Wood341
Angela Kerr130
Claire Warner37
Diana Burn32
Fiona Seward30
Maxine Sweetman21
Vivienne Blumfield19
Shirley Salter15
Lesley Adams10
Alayasri Rolf10
Janet Cullum51
Diane Newton3
Laura Kerr134
Ellie Dominey85
Joanne Orsman79
Kathryn Thompson58
Zoe Trewick39
Isabella SANDALL36
Rebecca Eastburn26
Carly Lowe4
Matthew Clist493
Terry Emmett369
Matthew Hewer340
Aaron Rawlins313
Andrew Snook291
Duncan Staddon281
Ryan Snell272
David Cull207
Ben Tucker157
Adrian Strawbridge142
Luke Reed96
James Green93
Lee Moran93
Tom Orsman82
Dan Clist73
Gareth Walker72
Robert Adkin60
david sadler32
Damian Baxter17
Haydn Boehm471
Mark Spraggs310
Simon Freathy267
Paul Johns216
Tim Lenton181
Richard Jackson123
Matthew Orsman93
James Hawker89
Stephen Grigg75
Rob Gibson53
Steve Maclure50
Robert Collier521
Tim Sibley362
Rupert Pady225
Wayne Tooze172
Richard Matthews133
Mark Day112
Patrick rosello110
Pete Hallett89
Patrick Devine-Wright86
Chris Polley83
Chris Rathbone79
Tony Smith67
Steve Brenton65
Patrick Kinsella57
Andy Broom56
Colin Hamnett56
Andrew Hartnell54
Ian Apps48
Niall Mc Neice36
Shaun Vinnicombe11
Nick Lidster11
Darrell Farley205
Simon Davey117
David Hutton112
Albert DLima87
Henry Smith75
John Whitaker66
Geoff Woodward58
Cliff Marriott53
Jeremy Slade42
Alan Sealey4
Ian Kinnersley269
Barry Follett241
Alan Morbey190
Andrew West149
Jeremy Norcombe132
Geoff Rugg97
Ian Clements68
Andy Charrington63
Iain Westworth61
Mike Wadsworth58
Ian Smith44
Nicholas Coxhead24
Martin Chesterman14
Paul Lloyd1
Alan Hornibrook366
Neil Johnson124
Kevin Feeney117
Bob Carter92
David Cooke68
Nick Adams51
Keith Agland50
John Larcombe7
Peter Heal2
Ron Seward296
Steve Lewis162
Eric Emerson105
Dave Mutter22
Rick Wood20
Duncan Davison3
Richard Hardy564
Matt Frost440
Joel Seward376
Jason Potter368
Jack Broom299
Simon Dimmock261
Rik Tumber248
Cory Schultze153
Ritchie Durrant98
James Ashforth87
Max Richardson76
Craig Tiley65
Thomas Parsons54
Joel Wilkins33
Jeremy Larcombe31
Ferenc Kovacs13