Grizzly Change Form

Change Form Explanatory Text

You should use this form to inform us of the following:

  • Change of Runner
  • Change of Race
  • Change of personal details eg., home address

Please check carefully that you have entered details correctly before submitting the form.

Change of Runner:
We are happy to accept changes as long as you inform us of the new runner’s details via the Grizzly Change Form. Note that any payment between runners where places change hands is between the original and new holder but a condition of entry is that this payment can be no more than the original entry fee (£30 Grizzly affiliated, £20 Cub Run affiliated plus £2 for unattached runners). The minimum entry age is 18 for the Grizzly and 17 for the Cub Run. If the change occurs after the race numbers have been posted, then the original runner is responsible for passing the number to the new runner.  Submitting a change implies your agreement to the race rules which you must read.

Change of Race:
Runners may change race using this form – please select the appropriate option from the dropdown field: Cub to Grizzly or vice versa.  You only need to provide your name and email address if no other details are changing rather than completing the whole form.  Changing from Cub to Grizzly requires an extra £10 fee to be paid.  No refund will be given for changes from the Grizzly to the Cub.  Upgrade fees due should be received within a week of registering the change and indicate which runner(s) it’s for.  Cheques should be payable to Axe Valley Runners and posted to The Grizzly, 23 Thomas Bassett Drive, Colyford, EX24 6PN, tel: 01297 551335.

Change of Personal Details:
Runners must notify us of any changes to their details post entry, especially mailing or email address. You do not need to complete the whole form, just your name, email address and the field(s) you wish to change.

Here’s a taster of what to expect:
But of course you could get this instead:

Grizzly Change Form

Please use this form to register your Grizzly/Cub ticket transfer or any changes to your personal details.

    New Runner Personal Details, if applicable: