The AVR Handicap
The handicap is an activity for  runners of all abilities. It is not a test of speed but a test of improvement. A slower runner who is improving by let’s say 15 seconds each month will score more points than a faster runner who only improves by perhaps 5 seconds. So, don’t be put off if you think you are a new runner or “only” run in the beginners group.

The Virtual Handicap
Choose a 4K route that is good to run for 12 months of the year – consider dark winter months and busy summer months. You must use this same route for all handicap runs.

Set a mark: you can do this by either running the route on the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday at the beginning of the month which would be the normal handicap dates or simply run prior to that time so that you can be ready to run at the beginning of the month for the handicap proper.

Send your mark time to Andrew Hartnell

Re-run your route again on one of the next designated handicap days – Lesley sends out a reminder in the Weekahead. Forward your result to Andrew by email.

When everyone has sent in their times, we calculate the finishing positions – the person who improves the most wins!

Scoring: positions are allocated 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc whilst points are allocated from 20 down to 1, with 1st place receiving 20 points 2nd 19, 3rd 18, etc down to 1 point for 20th place. You also receive 1 point for running and 1 point for beating your mark.

Any new faster time becomes your mark for the next race you enter.

If you fail to beat your mark, the fastest time from your previous 4 runs becomes your mark.