Woodland Relay Overall Results 2022

Team CategoryTeam No.Team NameTeam Captain NameTeam Member A name?A age on day?Team Member B name?B age on day?Team Member C name? C age on day?TIMEPOSITION IN CATEGROYPOSITION OVERALL
Senior Men 16-4931AVR 1Joel SewardJck Broom24Joel Seward22Matt Clist45 00:41:3111
Senior Men 16-4956Exmouth Harriers Senior Men 5Oliver WhiteJames Kelly26Tom Packer41Oliver White37 00:43:0322
Senior Men 16-496Honiton Tuesday NightersKevin HawkerJonny Bennet41Kevin Hawker48George Pemberton14 00:45:1933
Senior Men 16-4949Exmouth Harriers Senior Men 3Oliver WhiteJaime Pearson30Tristan Kelsall Spur29Josh Sale30 00:45:5944
Senior Men 16-4935AVR 5Eleanor WoodMatt Orsman65Adrian Strawbridge35Jack Broom33 00:46:2655
Senior Mixed 16-4958Met Office Mixed Sen. ALizzy DysonLizzy Dyson35George Gibson38Paul Raven54 00:47:0616
Senior Men 16-4932AVR 2Ben StoneBen Stone35Lee Moran42Pete Hallett50 00:47:0867
Under 15 mixed24Honiton KestrelsSuzanne SpillerAlfie Gibbins16Ollie Morris14Oscar Purchase12 00:48:0318
Senior Men 16-4948Exmouth Harriers Senior Men 2Oliver WhiteDavid Middlehurst33Aiden Bown14Nathan Budd34 00:49:1579
Vet 50+ Men39AVR 9Wayne ToozeWayne Tooze51Tony Smith52Rob Collier50 00:50:17110
Under 15 mixed26Honiton CondorsSuzanne SpillerCharlie Wheeler13Hamish Terry 13Noah Keatley10 00:50:58211
Senior Women 16-4953Exmouth Harriers Senior Women 1Alison WhiteAlice Kelly26Paula Hawkins45Hannah Bown43 00:51:19112
Under 15 mixed25Honiton BuzzardsSuzanne SpillerFin Driscoll13Harry Evans13Max Spiller13 00:51:58313
Senior Men 16-4933AVR 3Lee StubbsLee Stubbs39Tom Parsons24Paul Johns46 00:52:02814
Vet 50+ Male50Exmouth Harriers V50 Men 1Oliver WhiteOliver White51Des White68Craig Butler52 00:52:26215
Senior Men 16-4947Exmouth Harriers Senior Men 1Oliver WhiteBen White36Sam Lander32Andrew Place34 00:52:40916
Senior Men 16-4921Honiton Hillbilly'sHadleigh DaviesSteve Page 55Steve Davey61Hadleigh Davies46 00:53:071017
Senior Mixed 16-4959Met Office Mixed Sen. BSarah CloughSarah Clough42Mike Pearce35Lizzy Dyson35 00:53:17218
Vet 60+ Male42AVR 12Andy WestIan Kinnersley64Andy Charington61Andy West61 00:53:37119
Senior Men 16-4951Exmouth Harriers Senior Men 4Oliver WhiteTim Chappell53Bob Minting72Scott Jordan49 00:54:091120
Senior Women 16-4936AVR 6Sue HayesSue Hayes48Lou Tucker42Kerry Board47 00:54:12221
Senior Mixed 16-492Run JMCClare MelbourneJennie Sleeman37Jay Sweetman41Mark Newson56 00:54:34322
Under 15 mixed22Honiton HawksSuzanne SpillerLily Purchase14Lyra Webb12Mia Morris12 00:55:38423
Vet 60+ Male45AVR 15Ron SeawardRon Seaward72Jeremy Norcombe 64Not Sure ?65 00:56:04224
Senior Mixed 16-4946Honiton HornetsSherrie HairSherrie Hair40?Richard Kemp?Rebecca Stevens? 00:56:34425
Senior Women 16-4920Honiton HotRodsCeri OakCeri Oak50Jo Buxton30Judy Davey60 00:56:58326
Under 15 mixed27Honiton HarriersSuzanne SpillerGeorge Hair11Hamish McKenchnie12Taylor Anderson11 00:58:55527
Under 11 mixed28Honiton FalconsSuzanne SpillerGeorge Bornet9Isaac Clarke9Sam Hair8 00:59:00128
Senior Mixed 16-4915The RonettesTerry BewesRonnie Masters49Simon Hollyer58Mike Garrish57 01:00:06529
Senior Men 16-4934AVR 4Richard MatthewsRichard Matthews50Alistair Mackenzie-Ross35Paul Chapman42 01:00:111230
Senior Women 16-4955Exmouth Harriers Senior Women 3Alison WhiteEmma White36Amy Tew39Nicola Kelly58 01:00:40431
Under 15 mixed29Honiton KitesSuzanne SpillerBecky Taviner?Harry Branch?Imi Clarke11 01:01:06632
Under 15 mixed23Honiton EaglesSuzanne SpillerElla Spiller13Fay Driscoll13Josie Willey13 01:01:23733
Vet 60+ Female52Exmouth Harriers V60 WomenAlison WhiteJenny Reay63Alison White67Susan Hill63 01:02:09134
Vet 60+ Male43AVR 13Kevin FeeneyKevin Feeney68Geoff Rugg66David Cooke66 01:02:51335
Senior Mixed 16-4913Yas-Ma-HaTerry BewesYasmin Salter32Mark Andow50Hannah Maslen37 01:02:54636
Senior Men 16-495The IndestructiblesTerry BewesAdrian Horne52Adrian Harris62Simon Stokes57 01:02:571337
Senior Mixed 16-4957Gardeners GuildTerry BewesPaula Farrand52Bert Dykema59Stuart Moul 56 01:03:08738
Senior Women 16-4954Exmouth Harriers Senior Women 2Alison WhiteMay Argyle Lander26Katherine Moore27Hayley Johns28 01:03:15539
Senior Women 16-497Naomi's GnomesTerry BewesNaomi Garrick54Becky Knapman43Naomi Williams35 01:03:42640
Senior Men 16-4919Age no LimitTerry BewesTerry Bewes75Clive Gilbert50Will Hammond17 01:04:341441
Senior Mixed 16-491Worst paced scenarioAsilah JarraldAsilah jarrald41Ella Churchill40Luke Holway55 01:04:54842
Senior Women 16-4937AVR 7Suzi BlackettSuzi Blackett32Carolyn Nation44Louise Rawlings28 01:05:31744
Senior Mixed 16-494The Kamoot'sTerry BewesHelen Palmer57Deb Cawthera57Don Cawthera57 01:05:34945
Senior Women 16-4910Golden GirlsTerry BewesKaren Farnham60Christine Farnham60Judith Jeeves62 01:05:37846
Vet 60+ Male18The Young OnesTerry BewesPaul Mitchell65Tim Clay66Peter Bishop62 01:05:23446
Under 15 Mixed62Super Sidmouth Junior TrottersTerry BewesJohn Dunsford11Louis Galvez-Bridges11Dominic Hall11 01:05:56847
Vet 50+ Female41AVR 11Emma RichardsonEmma Richardson53Sam Miller54Louise Harrison50 01:06:35149
Vet 50+ Men40AVR 10Henry SmithHenry Smith59Paul Hilder62Mark Harding-Perrott62 01:06:36350
Under 15 mixed30Honiton VulturesSuzanne SpillerJack Hodder13Keir Osborne?Noah Pembertpn12 01:07:21952
Senior Women 16-4917The MermaidsTerry BewesSue Collman56Sarah Clapham53Liz Wright67 01:08:22953
Vet 60+ Female44AVR 14Angela KerrMaxine Sweerman67Shirley Slater62Eleanor Wood62 01:08:42254
Senior Women 16-493The Winslade WobblersTerry BewesEls Laureys40Rachel Barnard42Leeann Thomson38 01:10:511056
Senior Women 16-4938AVR 8Sam ToozeSam Tooze50Tracey Chapman40Sam Tooze58 01:13:291157
Senior Mixed 16-499Rosy CheeksTerry BewesSarah Watkins60Jane Hemsworth64Carol Hounsell46 01:14:191258
Senior Mixed 16-4916HONITON HOPPERSVICKYRACHEL43VICKY47BEN42 01:15:491359
Senior Women 16-498Terry's TearawaysTerry BewesAlexa Baker52Kerry Salter53Amelia Frankpitt58 01:17:051260
Under 15 Mixed63Sidmouth Green Girl RunnersTerry BewesFreddi Browring14Izzie Thomas12Amalie Baxter11 01:19:041061
Under 15 Mixed61Mighty Green Running MachineTerry BewesIsacc Corfield12Ben Barnard11Barnaby Baxter9 01:19:081162
Vet 50+ Male60Met Office Men's V50+Paul RavenPaul Raven54Pete Ferris59Ian Lynch60 00:59:27

Full results: https://www.axevalleyrunners.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Woodland-Relay-22-Results.xlsx

Woodland Relays

Honiton RC is organising this year’s Woodland Relays at Escot on June 15th at 6pm.

The relay teams consist of 3 people all having to run approximately 3k. We will be competing against our local running clubs Sidmouth, Honiton and the Met Office. It is a fantastic fun event and a night not to be missed. There will be age categories and mixed team options.

Here https://www.axevalleyrunners.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Woodland-Relays-2022.pdf are the Woodland Relays updated race teams. Please check it is OK. I am guilty of guessing some of your ages, the only problem would be if you are too YOUNG for the category I have put you in.

Please car share if possible. Arrive at 6 pm for 6.30 start Wednesday 15th at Escot Remember to wear AVR Kit. Bring water and a coat plus money if you fancy a drink in the Greyhound after.

There has been impressive enthusiasm for the relays , we will take 15 teams!

We will be awesome.